Otaku Girls, a New Animate Store Is Now in Akihabara Just for You!

  • Manga and anime, including its merchandises, are just some of the cool sides of the modern culture in Japan which both the Japanese and foreign tourists are all excited about. Whether you prefer a 2D or a 3D character, each and every one of them is possibly available in Japan. While the otaku culture may seem to tackle more on the male demographics, females here are into it as well! So ladies, if you’d like a heaven of all things manga, anime, and merch, then the new Animate Store in Akihabara is now here just for you!


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    Animate is one of the biggest retail providers of all things manga, anime, and merchandise and many people are familiar with it. There are already two branches in the Electric Town of Akihabara itself, but it just doesn’t seem to be enough as this third one opens to fulfill the lacking need.

    As a commemoration of its 30th Anniversary, the newest Animate store is aimed at a more specific target market which is girls! The Animate Akiba Girls Station which opened last July 16th aims to provide for the growing number of female anime and manga fans in the industry.

    While Animate may already have a branch in Ikebukuro’s Otome Road, there is no doubt that the land of otaku, Akihabara, is the more opted place for the genre. Moreover, the new store will have 7 stories of full manga, anime, and merchandise goodness that girls will get to enjoy without any restraints. There will also be a floor dedicated to 2.5D merchandise, which are items that are related to anime live adaptations like stage shows and musicals.

    With the concept of an anime store just for girls, Animate is surely reaching out to every possible fan who are into manga and anime. So girls out there, visit the new Animate Akiba Girls Station to fulfill your fan needs right in the heart of Akihabara!

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