Travel Back in Time and Savor the Japanese Taisho Period in These 3 Historical Spots!

  • When modernity ruled Japan, it was called the Taisho Period. It was a combination between the militarist and the modern side. The era greatly transfigured the Japanese character from art, fashion, culture and music. It was a time for evolving and shaping the society into something new. Reliving this period’s atmosphere can be felt and done if you visit these 3 historical spots found in the country.

    1. Ginzan Onsen

    Ginzan Onsen is located in the mountains of Yamagata Prefecture. It is considered as one of the prettiest onsens in the country which savors the Taisho Era environment. Architectures have a hint of both Western and Japanese styles combined where wooden buildings have been built with white plasters regarded significant to the bygone era. The place looks grand yet nostalgic in the evening when all the lights are lit up illuminating a beautiful scenery of the past. Ryokan guests may stroll down the place wearing the traditional Japanese yukata.

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    2. Kanazawa Hakuchoro Hotel Sanraku

    Kanazawa is a city popular for ancient culture and traditions. One of its hotels called Kanazawa Hakuchoro Hotel Sanraku has been designed in the Taisho Period where furniture, paintings, floors, etc. have been highly influenced by the European’s romanticism style. The hotel is covered with stained glass windows in classic decorations. It also features a hot spring bath and some meeting rooms and banquet rooms. Individual rooms have vintage themes complete with canopies and lacquerware jewelry boxes perfect for that classic feel.

    Check out more information on rooms, rates, and facilities here!

    3. Taisho Roman Yume Dori

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    Taisho Roman Dori is one of the popular streets in Kawagoe District, which is also known as the Little Edo Town. It offers a typical Taisho Period atmosphere where buildings incorporate styles of the pre-war period. You can find several shops along the street selling goods such as liquors and other traditional delicacies. The street gives you a feeling of being brought back in time. It has also been used in several Japanese films.

    Taisho Roman Yume Dori Website *Japanese only
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    Why don’t you travel back in time and savor the Japanese Taisho Period through these 3 historical places? Take some pictures while you stroll along or enjoy the places with a company of like-minded people.

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