Be a Japanese Courtesan for a Day and Take Photos at a Specialty Photography Studio in Nara!

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  • Have you ever wanted to dress up in your favorite costume and pretend to be someone else for a while? Perhaps a persona from a different or ancient culture? Dress up as a Japanese courtesan from the Edo Era at Yamato Sakura, a specialty photography studio in Nara Prefecture for that much-needed courtesan makeover.

    Basic Packages

    The packages available are basically divided into two categories. The Ouka Plan and Nadeshiko Plan provides you with a modern Oiran costume and hairstyle without the Mage hairpiece. On the other hand, the Asuka, Heijo, and Koto Plans offer you a full-dress classic Oiran costume including the Mage hairpiece.

    1. The Ouka Plan (8,500 yen)
    Experience wearing a modern Oiran costume and hairstyle. Note that the Mage hairpiece is not included in this package. You can opt for a modern hairstyle with partial wigs and flower headpieces or a traditional Japanese hairstyle with an ornamental hairpin called Kanzashi.

    2. Nadeshiko Plan (11,500 yen)
    This is similar to the Ouka Plan which gives you the modern Oiran experience. Note that the Mage hairpiece is also not included in this package. The only difference is that photos taken in the studio can be saved in a CD for your keepsake!

    3. Asuka Plan (12,000 yen)
    The Asuka Plan offers you a full-dress classic costume and a hairstyle with the symbol of Oiran, a Datehyogo-Mage. Your hairstyle will be gorgeously decorated with Mage and Kanzashi. This is the perfect package plan for those who love eccentric styles.

    4. Heijo Plan (15,000 yen)
    This is similar to the Asuka Plan which provides you with a full-dress classic Oiran costume. You can also have the photos saved on a CD for your keepsake. This will allow you to print your photos or upload them on your social media.

    5. Koto Plan (22,500 yen)
    This is the perfect package which offers you a full-dress classic Oiran costume and hairstyle. You will also receive a data CD and a high-quality photo album. Note that all your photos will be enhanced to make them more appealing.

    Couple Photoshoot (Optional Service)

    Why not head out to the studio and take the most adorable photo of you and your better half? The photo package for couples costs an additional 3,800 yen. This is such a sweet deal as you and your man will be groomed to look like lovers in the olden days.

    Booking Method

    Those interested in booking for the studio can send their customer details to their official e-mail address: Please send the names and number of persons to be photographed. Also indicate the desired date, time, and package plan. If you prefer, you may also fill in the booking form here (Japanese only).

    No matter who or what it is that you want to pretend to be, knowing that you can spend much less to dress up and be photographed instead of having to go and buy the necessary costumes by yourself will be definitely money well spent. With Yamato Sakura’s professional makeup artists and skilled photographers, dressing up as your prettiest historical-self has never been this easy. Don’t forget to check out their official website for more information and promotional details.

    Yamato Sakura’s Website

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