Happy Hanami! Or how to get the most out of Sakura Viewing

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  • Things to do at Hanami

    Do you know about Hanami? Hanami is one of the Japanese spring traditions. As cherry blossoms are getting pink, and beautiful, we hang out, picnic and enjoy the beautiful cherry blossoms. Actually, Hanami is an event to enjoy the cherry blossom viewing, but there is a word that describes one of the people’s behaviors at Hanami. “Hana yori Dango”, this word means that people are interested in foods which are served during Hanami more than they are interested in cherry blossoms. That’s kind of a funny word, but actually people who do Hanami are interested in food more than cherry blossoms. Anyway, they are extremely interested in food, and many other activities, because there are many things to do at Hanami. Here, I’ll explain how to enjoy your Hanami, and how to be Hana yori Dango just like many Japanese!

    1. Enjoy Hanami foods!

    During Hanami, you can try many foods which are made especially for Hanami. This is called Sansyoku-Dango. Sansyoku means three colors just like in the photo. Dango is one of the Japanese traditional desserts which is similar to rice cake.

    The pink cake is called Sakura-mochi. Sakura is cherry tree, and mochi is a rice cake. As its name suggests, it tastes and smells like cherry blossoms. If you eat those foods at Hanami, you can feel spring. Also, probably you can get those foods in supermarkets, and convenience stores!

    2. Enjoy Yatais!

    If you visit the famous place for cherry blossom viewing, you would probably see many small shops just like in the photo. Those shops are called Yatai in Japanese, and you can get food, and play games in them!

    3. Enjoy yozakura!

    When you visit Japan during spring, you would probably see many people enjoying Hanami and beautiful blue sky during the day. However, Japanese also enjoy Yozakura which means Hanami at night. I think sometimes yozakura is more beautiful than normal cherry blossom during the daytime. If you view cherry blossoms with dark sky, the contrast of pink and black is really beautiful. Also, you can see many people enjoying yozakura with many foods and beers!

    There you go! I told you things to do at Hanami. You can simply view cherry blossoms, but if you add the things I recommended, Hanami will be even better!