Admire Japanese Swords While Dining at the New Touken Saryou Cafe in Akihabara!

  • Many people find cafes as a great place to relax and unwind during their free time. Some even use it as an alternative place to work or study either with friends or alone. This is also the same case in Japan but with just more themes differentiating each one from the other.

    Animal cafes, anime collaboration cafes, maid cafes, and much more you can think of is available here in Japan. But looking at it closely, the number of cafes here rarely focus on the cultural and historical side of Japan… until now. One cafe in Akihabara is about to change that, thanks to Touken Saryou!

    Located right in the town of anime and tech full of a variety of cafes, Akihabara, Touken Saryou will give visitors a different yet unique cafe feel with their theme of choice tackling more on the old historical side of Japan.

    Touken Saryou just opened last June 22nd and is a cafe where you can get to see and admire a number of katana masterpieces while you stay. The katanas which are placed behind the display case are actually certified works of art by the Society for Preservation of Japanese Art Swords letting the guests see the real deal.

    The interior of the cafe is a bit chillier than the usual cafe but this is due to the need of blade maintenance that requires humidity and temperature control. But don’t worry because they have blankets to provide for each visitor in case you get cold. The cafe also serves desserts, hot food, and alcohol if you prefer them.

    For those interested to check out Token Saryou, the cafe is located on the 1st floor of Sumi Grill Barr Ura Akihabara which is just a 3-minute walk from Akihabara Station.

    With so many themed cafes in Japan, the one by Touken Saryou surely gives a different experience to all who will visit the cafe. You can also check out their Twitter account at @touken_saryou where they upload photos of a variety of swords and menus!

    Touken Saryou’s Website

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