Untangling the Lines of the World’s Busiest Train Station – Shinjuku

  • Shinjuku Station is the world’s busiest station considering all the services it handles including the subway and train lines. On average, 3.56 million people pass through this station daily. This number beats the whole population of Puerto Rico! So better learn some facts before visiting it so that you can lessen your chances of getting lost in this crazy maze of a station!

    Main Facts

    Shinjuku Station is the main link between the west of the metropolis and the center and east of the city. Even though it is the busiest transport hub, Shinjuku Station is always very clean as compared to other stations worldwide. In terms of size, it is the second largest station building in the world!

    Punctuality is a must for the Japanese people, and this is the reason why every train is always on time. The average of delays per year is less than a minute in the entire Japanese public transport system.

    This station is popular for being tricky. It confuses people since it has over 200 exits and over 51 different platforms.


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    Due to the high amount of people going in and out of the trains, specific employees need to push the passengers inside the train for the doors to properly close during the morning and evening rush hours. This worker is called as the “pusher” (押し屋 – oshiya) or railway station attendant. It began as a part-time job for students, but nowadays, the station staff fills this role on many lines.


    There are 13 different train and subway lines that serve Shinjuku Station, including the famous JR Yamanote Line. Each line is distinguished by varied colors and is properly signalized in both English and Japanese language.

    Shinjuku is also one of Tokyo’s major stops for highway buses, which is why there is a bus terminal for both local and long-distance buses located on the top of the railway station. You can reach the airport from here, as well, since the Narita Express train to Narita International Airport departs from this station.


    Many cafes, department stores, and shopping malls are built directly into the station, providing anything you may need while passing through from station to station.

    You have been warned! If you pay attention and follow the map as it is, you may still get lost! But one thing is for sure: you shouldn’t visit this station during rush hour if you are in a hurry to get somewhere.

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