“Mamma Mia!” The Super Mario Brothers Are Now on Uno Cards with a Twist!

  • One of the undeniable things in life is how everything is much more fun with our friends around. We all go through countless memories with our friends whether these may be some of the happiest, saddest, or even the stupidest times around.

    Most of us have also enjoyed our time with our friends by hanging out and of course, doing various activities together. If you’re familiar with the card game Uno, you might have an idea of how fun it is to play with them. Now, Uno is giving us a new version of cards to play with!

    Uno Super Mario

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    In its 45th year of providing fun and sacrificing friendship on the line, Uno is bringing out a new version of the game for everyone with a twist on the original rules. Uno, in collaboration with the New Super Mario Brothers, states that the Uno Super Mario is set to be released in the Japanese market.

    The different characters from the Super Mario Brothers will be making their way to the cards including Mario, Toad, Diddy Kong, Waluigi, and much more.

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    Included with the cards is the new addition White Mario which changes the rules of the game by having you make your own rule with it.

    Another additional card is called the Invincible Mario which can repel the same level back to your opponent if a draw 2 or draw 4 is pulled out. Goes to show that Mario is also invincible even in Uno. The collaboration Uno Super Mario will be available from the last week of June 2016 and will be sold for 1,200 yen exclusive of tax.

    Uno is one of the most fun card games out there that you can play with your friends. And with some new rules with the Uno Super Mario, you and your friends’ friendship will surely be put to the test!

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