Enter Totoro’s World in Nagoya’s Moricoro Park

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  • Many who venture to Japan will, of course, visit the Ghibli museum in Tokyo. For any fan, it truly is a magical place that allows you to enter the world of Ghibli like never before.

    However, this is not the only place in Japan to get that Ghibli fix you so desperately crave. If you find yourself in Nagoya, you must go to the Expo Memorial park where you will be able to visit a real-life replica of Satsuki and Mei’s house from beloved Ghibli film ‘My Neighbour Totoro’. That’s right, you will get to feel like you just entered the world of Ghibli’s famous Totoro.


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    Mei and Sasaki’s House

    Now let’s go on a journey! The path from the park to the house is lush and green, bringing to mind the surroundings of the house in the film. As you get closer, you catch your first sight of the house through the trees and it is hard not to become excited. Upon arrival, it is clear that a lot of love and careful planning has been done in order to re-create this house in all its glory.

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    Not just the outside, but also the inside of the house has been meticulously replicated. You will see the father’s office which is filled with books and actually appears lived and worked in (pictured above).


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    The kitchen (pictured above) is decorated with many fine details to look like the type of kitchen that was common in Japan in the late 50’s, which is when ‘My Neighbor Totoro’ is staged. It has a fire oven, traditional utensils, and even has drawers and cupboards that can be opened to find items commonly found in Japanese households of that era.

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    If you go to the back of the house you can even find a working water pump (pictured above) exactly like the one Mei and Satsuki used in the film. Re-living all of this is amazing, but it is the little details that truly make this a special place. You’ll find the bucket with the missing end that Mei looks through.


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    You can even find the hole under the house (pictured above) that little Totoro runs into when he is running away from Mei.


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    To top it all off they made a replica of the bus stop from the famous image of Mei, Satsuki, and Totoro waiting in the rain.

    Getting There

    There are a lot more details from the film that bring this house to life, which you will have so much fun finding for yourself. Again, if you find yourself in Nagoya, visiting Mei and Satsuki’s house is a truly wonderful experience, allowing you to be inside a slice of the Totoro universe which, for any Ghibli fan, is a must.

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