Too Pretty To Eat? Get a Taste of Tokyo’s Floral Desserts!

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  • Japan is famous for always keeping up with the latest dining trends. The latest fad in Tokyo is a taste for fancy edible flower desserts. If you happen to be near Tokyo station, make it a point to visit Havaro for their famous Bavarian Cream Desserts that look way too pretty to eat!


    The beautiful floral-inspired creamy desserts are sold in a Tokyo bakery called Havaro, which takes its name from Hana, the Japanese word for ‘flower’ and the French pronunciation of “bavarois”. You can find this pastry store in a shopping area named ‘Ichibangai’ in Tokyo Station.

    Bavarian Cream Dessert

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    . . . 花のババロア🌼🌸 . . 東京駅🚂に売ってるんだけど迷子になるからなかなか買えなくて、🤫笑 そしたらイクスピアリにあったんだっけ💕嬉しすぎたんだっけ( ´∩∩。` )♡ . . キューブ型のペタル買ったのだ❤︎ 味は4種類で、 🌼バニラヨーグルト 🌸オレンジ 🌺フレーズ 🏵ブルーベリー だったよ😘 . 他にも、ホールのブーケ💐 ピースサイズのフルール🌹があるんだっけ🐰 . これからディズニー行った時は毎回買って帰れる🤤💕 幸せすぎる♡\( ˶´⚰︎`˵ )/.。o♡‬うへへへ ちなみに帰りだと売り切れちゃうから、ディズニーインする前にお取り置きしてもらったよ💕 . . . #花のババロア #舞浜#イクスピアリ#ディズニー#スイーツ#スイーツ女子#はぐのカフェ巡り#ババロア#フラワーババロア#エディブルフラワー#ペタル#花#可愛#毎日の可愛いをあなたに #uranaru#sweets#Disney#bavarois#havaro

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    The delicate and delicious-looking treats from Tokyo are called Havaro’s Bavarian Cream Desserts. The flower is visible through its clear or lightly colored gelatin case.

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    2018年s/sのサマンサタバサのテーマは「お花」ということで、素敵なスイーツの差し入れを頂きました😘🌷見た目だけじゃなくお味も美味しかったです✨手土産にぴったりですね👏💐編集k #花のババロア #havaro #手土産 #サマンサタバサ #展示会

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    Once you see these elegant treats, you will fall madly in love with them! Sophisticated and enchanting, these floral-inspired desserts are a delight for the eyes. Actual flowers are used as the centerpiece of the creamy dessert. The petals are described as bitter, but not enough to overshadow the sweetness. The blend of flavors actually complement each other and the petals also have a surprisingly crisp texture.

    Lineup and Flavors

    The bouquet (15cm) is the largest and most impressive one. This dessert is designed to look like a multi-flower ring. Its price varies depending on the flowers used in its preparation.

    The mid-sized ones are the fleurs (70mm), and the mouth-watering small domes sell for 350 yen each. The smallest treats (pictured) are called petals (35mm). These bite-sized cubes can be bought as a single treat, or in packs of eight for 1,800 yen.

    The Bavarian desserts come in different flavors which include orange, cream cheese, strawberry, vanilla yogurt, chocolate, and matcha green tea. As you might have already guessed, not only are these beautiful and tasty creations difficult to make, but they also sell out quickly! Therefore, if you want to have your choice it would be wise to come early.

    Shop Details

    Phone number: 03-3218-0051
    Open Monday to Friday 9:00 am – 8:30 pm, weekends/holidays 9:00 am – 8:00 pm

    Havaro Website*Japanese Only

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