The closest hot spring area to Tokyo. Selection of 5 Hakone hotels where you can enjoy hot springs in your room!

  • There are many people who come to Japan looking forward to enjoying a hot spring bath, but large common open-air baths tend to be crowded depending on the time, so it is not rare to end up disappointed.
    However, if you stay at a hotel where your room has a private open-air bath, you can enjoy bathing without hesitations and without having to worry about the time.
    Here are 5 hotels that we recommend!

    Tamadarenotaki Tenseien

    Guests can choose the type of room with an open-air bath of their preference, depending on the number of people in their party.
    Besides the private open-air baths attached to the guest rooms, this hotel also has a large common bath and a common open-air bath available.
    There is also a beautiful Japanese-style garden, which is famous as one of Hakone’s power spots.

    Japanese notation:玉簾の瀧 天成園


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    All of its rooms are suites and have their own private open-air baths, whose water flows directly from its source in Hakone.
    It is designed in a “RYOKAN style” that has thoroughly pursued and combined Japanese-style cordial hospitality with Western and modern comfortability.
    Guests can relax and spend their time in various types of rooms, be it with a mist sauna, a hammock hanging in the terrace, a Japanese style room or a cypress bath.

    Japanese notation:翆松園


    If what you are looking for is a place to spend a relaxing time, this hotel that uses natural wood for its interior walls, and tatami for the floors of its corridors will make you feel at ease.
    They have 5 different types of rooms, from a gorgeous special room to Japanese style rooms where you can relax casually.
    Located in a spot that ensures a great view, this is a ryokan that you should visit at least once.

    Japanese notation:花扇


    When we talk about hot springs, it is only natural that we would expect “Japanese-style hospitality” to go hand in hand with them.
    This hotel is a place where, instead of coming in just in time for dinner, you might want to check in in advance so you have time to go directly to your room and enjoy the private open-air bath.
    You can choose between a Japanese-style room, where you can sleep in a futon, or a Western-style room with beds.

    Japanese notation:仙郷楼

    Takuminoyado Yoshimatsu

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    This hotel will make your desire to bathe relaxedly in the middle of nature come true.
    You can choose from their 4 different types of rooms (7 rooms in total, both Japanese and Western style) that are equipped with open-air baths.
    Bathing relaxedly in your own private open-air bath, attached to your room, will surely heal not only your tired body, but also the exhaustion of your mind.

    Japanese notation:匠の宿 佳松