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    Miura Haruma + Takeru Sato = HaruTake: One of Japanese Entertainment One True Pairings!

    Are you a fan of Miura Haruma? How about Takeru Sato? Both? Well, then you’ll love this article about HaruTake’s friendship and their self-produced journey films!


    3 Restaurants in Osaka to Taste the Best Takoyaki in the City!

    If you are one of the many people who love Japanese food especially takoyaki, you’re in for a treat as this article introduces 3 places in Osaka where you can get your favorite food at. Be sure to visit them and fill your tummy with all the takoyaki goodness it can take!


    Want To Know What You Are About to Eat in Japan? Get this App!

    Whether you have food allergies or you just have a specific food intake, you should download the smartphone application mentioned here. It will help you determine the exact ingredients of the food you are about to eat in Japan so you won’t have to guess again!


    Let Your Inner Child Enjoy The Museum of the Little Prince in Hakone

    Have you read the story of The Little Prince? Whether or not you have, you will surely love this tribute museum to the late Antoine de Saint-Exupéry in Hakone. Check here for more details on how to get there and witness the Little Prince as he comes to life!


    Try Unusually Tasty Fruit Ramen at One of These 4 Locations in Tokyo!

    Fruit ramens?! Yes, there is such a thing in Japan! As if ramen isn’t already popular enough, the Japanese decided to add a new twist to this dish. Here are 4 places in Tokyo where you can try this unusual type of ramen.


    Fill Your Stomach With Unlimited Donuts and More at Mister Donut’s Buffet!

    Donuts, donuts, donuts! Mister Donuts is having donut buffets in some of its branches in Japan and you definitely shouldn’t miss it. Check this article for the complete event details and satisfy your sweet tooth with this pastry goodness.


    Master These Beer Drinking Tips For Any Casual or Formal Outing in Japan!

    In Japan, there is art to almost everything – including drinking beer. This article provides some tips on what to do and what to say when drinking with the Japanese. Read on and educate yourself to avoid awkward situations. Kanpai!


    Going to a Concert in Japan? Here Are 4 Things Japanese Concerts Do Differently

    You think you’re a concert pro just because you’re fond of going to concerts or music festivals back in your home country? Think again! Unsurprisingly, some things are just different in Japan. But don’t fret as this article will serve as your guide!


    Meet Kaku Kento: One of Japan’s Underrated Yet Talented Actors

    Have you seen movies of Kaku Kento? He might be under the radar now but he sure is one talented Japanese actor! Know more about Kaku Kento and his projects in this article!


    Tickle Your Taste Buds and Discover New Flavors Through 4 Unusual and Unique Donburi!

    There are more to gyudon and oyakodon in the world of donburi. As a matter of fact, there are unusual variations of this Japanese dish that can only be found in specific locations. Check them out in this article!

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