The Future of Transportation Is Here Thanks to the Japanese Company Yamaha!

  • As we live in the 21st century, every one of us is living in a world where what was once just an idea or concept for the future has become the reality of our time. The skills and minds involved have brought efficiency and ease for everyone today.

    From touch screen smartphones to working robots and much more – all of these were once just concepts made, but are now a reality. Change is inevitable and is happening at a rapid rate. Talk about the future of mobility vehicles and Yamaha has the answer. Check out their concept and see what you think!

    Yamaha’s Mobility Vehicle Concept

    The well-known Japanese manufacturer of motorized products, Yamaha Motor Company, has brought out two concepts for the future of mobility. The new concepts include the 05Gen and the 06Gen that has two separate individual designs for the sense of free movement, being able to connect people and places.


    The 05Gen concept of Yamaha at first glance closely resembles the electronic bikes that have become a popular alternative to bikes these days. The 05Gen is a three-wheeled mobility vehicle which runs on the new electronic assist mobility.

    The 05Gen is also equipped with a windshield that acts as a protection from minimal natural elements such as light winds and rain. Yamaha has taken the idea of a “koromo,” which is a garment draped over the body, and took it to designing the 05Gen.


    The 06Gen, on the other hand, is a four-wheeled vehicle which looks like a hybrid of a golf cart and a boat. The short range urban vehicle has enough space to accompany a few people along with the driver. Without any windows, the 06Gen surely is like a traveling land version of a boat.

    The design and structure make an open environment that encourages conversation among the people riding the 06Gen. Aside from that, the design was also taken from “engawa,” or a veranda, giving it a homey and encouraging feel thanks to its materials.

    The mobility concept vehicles by Yamaha will be displayed from July 4, 2016 until June 2017 at the Toyo Ito Museum of Architecture which is located in Imabari, Omishima for its renewal opening.

    With so many changes happening in a blink of an eye in today’s time, it’s no surprise if we wake up one day with something futuristic on its way to us. Now, what do you think of the two mobility vehicle concepts by Yamaha? Who knows, we might get to see these concepts on the road in the future!

    Yamaha’s Mobility Vehicle Website

    Access to Toyo Ito Museum of Architecture:

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