Too Adorable to Eat? Find These Animal-Themed Manju in Ueno!

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  • When it comes to adorable treats that look way too good to eat, look nowhere else, Japan has it all for you! The delightful confectionery sold by Japanese sweets shop Namikoshiken make some of the most adorable animal-themed confections that are a must on your next visit to Tokyo!

    Namikoshiken (浪越軒)

    Founded in 1927, Japanese confectionery Namikoshiken has been producing traditional sweets which have won the hearts of many customers. The sweets shop has a branch that is located inside the ticket gates of Ueno Station. This makes it the perfect stop to grab a bite whenever you are hungry or just in a hurry.

    The sweets shop is known to produce the most adorable animal-themed manju with various fillings! You can choose from a variety of sweets on their menu but you must certainly try their animal-themed Tetzukuri Dobutsuen (Handmade Zoo) and Tetzukuri Suizokukan (Handmade Aquarium) that is unlike any other treat that you have tasted!

    Animal-Themed Manju

    Namikoshiken’s manju comes in boxes of three (486 yen), six (972 yen) and twelve (1,782 yen). You can choose either koshian (red bean paste) or chocolate fillings. If you want to try both fillings, you should definitely get the 12-piece box which offers both flavors! These sweets are carefully made by hand and don’t contain any preservatives.

    The Tetzukuri Dobutsuen (Handmade Zoo) is a classic and popular choice in Namikoshiken. Know that in the 12-piece box, animals with koshian filling are the rabbit, sheep, lion, koala, tiger, and chick. Those with chocolate filling are the panda, pig, kappa, elephant, bear, and tanuki. You can just mix and match these delicious treats while sharing them with your friends!

    If you are looking for another cool option, you may want to try the Tetzukuri Suizokukan (Handmade Aquarium) which is another cult favorite. This features an adorable assortment of creatures from the deep! In the 12-piece box, the fugu, crab, white shark, whale, squid, and otter are filled with koshian. On the other hand, the octopus, turtle, polar bear, seal, penguin, and fried shrimp are filled with chocolate.

    If you just want a light snack, you should opt for the premium versions (Premium Dobutsuen and Premium Aquarium) which basically are boxes of three or six animal-themed manju. Note that the premium versions are only filled with chocolate.

    What are you waiting for? Grab a box of Namikoshiken’s irresistibly cute animal-themed manju which are the perfect snacks to go with your afternoon tea time. You can also order these delicious sweets on their official online store if you don’t have the time to travel to their actual shop.

    Store Information

    Location: Taito-ku, Tokyo Ueno 7-1-1, Ecute Ueno C’est Artisan B
    Phone number: 03-3841-3099
    Business hours: Monday to Saturday / 8:00 to 22:00

    Namikoshiken Ueno’s Website

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