Seafood on Top of Ice Cream? Try These 2 Unusual Parfaits in Japan!

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  • While traditional parfait may feature fruit and sprinkle toppings, Japan ventures into new territory that is making people rave about it. Apparently, they are now using unexpected ingredients to garnish this iconic dessert. The country’s love for parfait and seafood may just be the thing to bring your dessert cravings to a whole new level!

    1. Restaurant Yuzuan (レストラン ゆず庵)’s Fish Parfait

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    This unusual fish parfait is served by Restaurant Yuzuan which is located in Nankoku, Kochi Prefecture. The parfait typically comes in three sizes. You can opt for a small size which has one slice of bonito for 490 yen (excluding tax), or a medium size which has two slices for 690 yen (excluding tax). There is also a large size which offers you three slices for 990 yen (excluding tax).

    The fish parfait is specially prepared by the restaurant in order to produce a blend of flavors that complement each other. Whipped cream and ice cream are paired with a lightly grilled sashimi bonito, which balances the sweetness of the dessert with the rich, savory taste of seared fish, garlic, and ginger. Usually, this is presented in a tall sundae-style ice cream glass, but if you want a more filling meal, you may have the option to be served with additional items like rice and miso soup.


    2. Karafuneya Coffee (からふね屋珈琲)’s Fried Shrimp Parfait

    If you want to eat eccentric and huge parfaits, you should definitely head out to Karafuneya Coffee. This is a Kyoto-based cafe well known for serving fried prawn and shrimp. Customers definitely love their fried shrimp parfait. This unusual dessert is actually a favorite among foodies who are on a quest to discover unexpectedly delicious flavor combinations.

    This indulgent dessert features vanilla and fruit ice cream garnished with sprinkles and a pair of deep fried prawns! Unlike Restaurant Yuzuan’s fish parfait, Karafuneya Coffee doesn’t alter the recipe for preparing the fried prawns to make them more suited to the dessert. The fried seafood are basically prepared in oil and garnished with a tangy sauce. They actually taste similar to those served with a lunch platter. The prawns placed on top of the creamy delight adds warmth to the parfait. This preparation surprisingly complements its sweet and cool base. The fried shrimp parfait is truly a daring dessert but is worth trying.

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    So are you up for the challenge? Let your love for desserts and seafood collide by trying these daring recommendations. Remember, only a true foodie is brave enough to taste extraordinary gourmet!

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