Get to Know a Famous Japanese Painter and His Artworks at the Yumeji Art Museum in Okayama!

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  • Yumeji Art Musuem used to be the home of Yumeji Takehisa, a great Japanese poet and painter. It only became a museum in 1970 where it introduced the great artist’s different works of art. The museum has been split into two: Honkan in Okayama and Bunkan (Yumeji Seika and Shonen Sanso) in Setouchi. Many of the museum’s works are permanently displayed while others are occasionally rotated.

    Yumeji Takehisa’s Life

    Yumeji Takehisa was born in Okayama Prefecture and he played a significant role in Japan’s Taisho period. He was one of the leading Japanese painters of his time and was also known for making poems and illustrating several pictures for different books. His hometown’s mountainous region and beautiful nature inspired him in creating several of his artistic works. He was even likened to Kitagawa Utamaro, a highly regarded Japanese artist during the ’70s to ’80s. Due to Yumeji’s fantastic works, he also became well known abroad.

    Honkan Museum

    The Yumeji Art Museum in Honkan was opened in 1984 as a centennial celebration of Yumeji’s birth near Okayama Korakuen. It is famous for having red bricks and an elegant combination of Japanese and Western style. You’ll immediately notice it through the weathercock standing on top of its roof. A total of 2,000 pieces of art can be found in the museum including sketches, folding prints, scrolls, books, and a lot more! Because of extensive exhibits and activities, the museum has been awarded a Michelin Guide Star in 2007. Opening hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Take note, though, that it is closed on Mondays.

    Bunkan Museum

    The Bunkan Museum consists of two places: Yumeji Seika, the place where Yumeji was born and Shonen Sanso, a Western-style house which he designed.

    Yumeji Seika has quite a history as it has been built about 250 years ago. It has been made with thatched roofs surrounded by a traditional and nostalgic atmosphere of Yumeji’s childhood.

    Shonen Sanso is a reconstructed house in Tokyo which has been built with a studio. Here, you will be able to appreciate several of his self-portraits and photographs, as well as memories on the way he lived his life as a child.

    Yumeji Takehisa is just one of the oldest and highly renowned painters in Japan who’s worth knowing. His works have encompassed a wide variety of genres and styles influencing several artistic expressions in the country.

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