Oshima, an Amazing Island Two Hours Away from Tokyo

  • From Japan’s busy city capital, there is a tiny island just two hours away. Although technically speaking, this island is really a part of Tokyo.
    Can you imagine that Tokyo has its peaceful and quiet spot?

    You can go to this little quiet paradise by ferry, all year-round, and enjoy the tranquility away from the everyday noise and busy streets of Tokyo. This island is very near and convenient to get to so that people who live in Tokyo don’t need too much preparation or time to reach this place.

    You may explore the whole island for a day by car, or you can stay as long as you wish, because Oshima offers a range of different activities depending on the season. In winter, you can enjoy cycling, hot baths in an onsen, or fishing. There are great indoor and outdoor bath houses on this island.
    Oshima has an active volcano that supports its hot springs naturally.

    Fishing in whatever season is one of the activities done by people here. Bicycle rentals is common in this place too.

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    In early spring, you can enjoy the different flowers that bloom on this island.

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    Oshima also draws people for sunbathing, snorkeling and other beach activities in summer.

    But where do you stay on this island?

    The inns, the home hotels and ryokans serve delicious foods, especially fresh seafood as it is abundant for its location. Most hotels serve fresh home cooked, healthy and more importantly, enormous quantities of great seafood!

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    Whatever time of the year you decide to go to this island is suitable. You can even enjoy hiking up its volcano, the mount Mihara. This active volcano can easilly be climbed, all you need is comfortable shoes. Go sightseeing, walking along the shoreline, or just enjoy the peace and quiet which is rare to find nowadays.

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    So if you are in Tokyo, there’s no need to go too far to have a break from the busy lifestyle, just hop on the high-tech ferry at Takeshiba port, and enjoy the relaxing Izu Island, Oshima.