Taste original foods from all over Japan in Yurakucho!

  • “Antenna shop” introduction

    When you come to Japan, I hope that you will visit some great places and I hope you will enjoy your time be it by yourself, with friends or with family. Hopefully you get presents for your friends and family who couldn’t join you but if you don’t have much time to shop for gifts before going back to your country don’t worry! I have some tips for you.

    Japan might be a small archipelago of islands but we have a lot of original things in each of it’s area! Indeed, there are very different weather conditions, traditions, and different dialects. And of course, we have original types of food in each area. That’s why even Japanese people always want to try the food or buy an edible gift from another part of Japan.

    The problem is that sometimes we don’t have enough time or money to go on a trip, therefore nowadays we can find what we call “Antenna shopアンテナショップ” to buy gifts or food from completely different country area in our own prefecture!

    When you visit you should definitely check out the stores, just like people who live here! You can actually buy typical food and drink from Hokkaido in the Tokyo area, for example! It’s a great idea to not be wasting time on transportation! If you’d like to try a particular food of some area in Japan, but you don’t have time to go there, just buy it wherever you are. Very convenient!

    These shops are everywhere, however, I would like to recommend “Yurakucho 有楽町” area to you. It is located in Tokyo. There are many kinds of antenna shops. Here is a great list for you:

    Hokkaido dosanko plaza

    I highly recommend this food from Hokkaido Shop: the Korokke Potato(Deep fried potato cutlet)! It is very famous in Hokkaido.

    Korokke Potato

    Another famous food from Hokkaido is, of course, the Melon Ice Cream! It is made of Hokkaido milk (which is famous in Japan for it’s quality) and melon from Yuubari city in Hokkaido. It has a very rich taste and is super yummy!

    Melon Ice Cream

    If you are looking for a gift for someone special, here is what I recommend; Shiroi Koibito!

    Shiroi Koibito (Langue de Chat)


    Akita Furusato Kan (Akita Prefecture)

    You can find delicious traditional food called ‘Kiritanpo’ made of rice in Akita Furusato Kan.



    Shizuoka Mount Fuji Green Tea Plaza (Shizuoka Prefecture)

    You can buy the famous green team in Shizuoka Antenna shop !

    Naniwa no Eemon Osaka Hyakkaten (Osaka Prefecture)

    Takoyaki is one of the most famous foods in Japan and is traditional dish of Osaka, you absolutely have to try it!

    Okinawa Kankou Konbenshon Byuro (Okinawa Prefecture)

    This biscuit is Okinawa’s famous snack, it is definitely worth a try!!

    You should keep in mind that you can find any prefecture’s antenna shop in Yurakucho! Not only the ones listed.
    Yurakucho Access

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