Visit Tempura Matsu in Kyoto for the Perfect Summer Noodles Served in Ice Bowls!

  • Looking for a new serving suggestion that will knock you off of your feet? Eating food using a ceramic dish is typically plain and boring. Although there are a lot of variations which attempt to break away from the ordinary, Japan wins by creating a cooler alternative in serving your favorite noodles by using a bowl made of solid ice! Now, it seems noodles in Japan are getting yet another unconventional treatment. Truly, this one is slightly more beautiful.

    Tempura Matsu

    A splendid traditional building stands by the river of the popular Arashiyama region of Kyoto. This fine establishment goes by the name of Tempura Matsu. Only the finest and stunning Japanese dishes are served in here which keep people coming back for more.


    A cult favorite on their menu is their noodles. Once you see how the chef creatively serves their noodles, you wouldn’t even bother to ask what makes people rave about them!

    Inaniwa Udon


    The Tempura Matsu chef takes special care in only using the best ingredients. Each dish is prepared with amazing attention and detail. The unusual chilled summer dish is called inaniwa udon which are handmade noodles made from Japanese mugwort in a dashi broth, served with wasabi, and topped with a raw quail egg yolk.


    The bowl itself is a giant brick of ice with a pocket scooped out on top to hold the meal. This design provides translucency which shows a cross-sectioned view of the meal. In addition to looking amazing, the bowl serves a functional purpose. As the ice block melts, a fair amount of liquid melts into the noodle providing you with another icy dimension.


    The Tempura Matsu chef encourages diners to sip the cool, water-filled udon broth which is actually quite tasty. This dish is basically a big hit with the diners both for its delicious flavor and its elegant bowls.

    Other Varieties


    Since Japan is a country well known for its love of seasonal flavors, Tempura Matsu also serves cherry blossom noodles in spring.


    This dish features their ice bowl udon noodles with pickled sakura flowers and grated yam for an added measure of beauty.


    You can also opt for their somen noodles which are also served in an icy bowl. Like their inaniwa udon, this is another popular dish served during summer.

    Japanese noodles sitting on an icy container will be your new favorite comfort food to cool off during summer. Its elegant and creative presentation definitely deserves a photo or two before digging into its scrumptious core. Head out to Tempura Matsu and try this cool delightful dish!

    Restaurant Details

    Name: Tempura Matsu
    Dinner price range: 5,000 yen or more
    Cuisine: Japanese
    Smoking: No smoking
    Reservations: Recommended
    Area: Kyoto
    Address: 21-26 Umezu Onawaba-cho, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto
    Stations: Matsuo Station
    Telephone: 075-881-9190
    Hours: 11:30 am – 9:30 pm
    Mode of Payment: Cash

    Tempura Matsu’s Website

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