3 most fun ways to see Mt Fuji

  • If you are in Tokyo, you might be able to see the peak of Mount Fuji if you are high up in an apartment building, or a skyscraper. You can normally see a glimpse of the top of Mt.Fuji on a clear, fine day.

    Surely, you can reach Mount Fuji itself and go for a climb.
    But if you aren’t much of a climber, there are plenty of places that you can take a closer look at Mt Fuji from without even going there!

    Fuji Safari Park


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    Fuji Safari Park is located at Susona city, Shizouka, where you can see wild animals up-close.

    This zoo has wild animals in their natural habitat and you can either visit it by car or by the park’s bus.
    You can easily see Mt. Fuji from this park as the park itself is located very close to the mountain.
    To have an even more spectacular view, you have to go a little out of the said Safari Park.

    So, if you are an animal lover, and would like to see mount Fuji at the same time, this place is definitely for you!


    Gotemba Outlet Mall


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    Outlet malls in Japan are very popular, they are especially popular among the foreign visitors as most of the stores have tax-free services for tourist visa holders.
    One of the outlet malls that you surely don’t want to miss is Gotemba Outlet Mall.

    Gotemba Outlet Mall is located in Gotemba City of Shizouka Prefecture, the entire area has a great view on Mount Fuji as well.
    Having Mount Fuji on the background surely brings you a different feeling from ordinary shopping.

    Sightseeing plus shopping? Great way to spend a day!




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    The bullet train or as we call it “Shinkansen” is one of the fastest means of transportation when travelling around Japan.
    And if you happen to go down south, to cities like Nagoya, you will see the sight of Mount Fuji from the train if you pick your seat on the right side!
    So, get your popcorn ready and enjoy the view!

    You see, there are plenty of other ways to see the beautiful Fuji-sama without even going there,
    whether you go to see the animals, go for shopping or travel south. Hit two birds in one stone!

    Whichever way you prefer, you will definitely be in awe to see it, one of the great symbols of Japan, mount Fuji.