JAL Provides Better Customer Satisfaction With Their Cabin Attendants’ Quality Smiles!

  • One of the main philosophy of any company in the world is to give the utmost customer satisfaction that they can to their valued customers. Japan is also riding that boat, but as many of you know, this country takes customer satisfaction a level higher.

    The constant bows and not leaving their place until the customer is out of sight are just some of the well-known ones. This time around, though, the popular airlines, Japan Airlines or JAL, is putting a new test to provide better customer satisfaction through their cabin attendants’ smiles! Interested to find out how?

    Shiseido Smile Software

    Japan Airlines, together with Japanese makeup brand Shiseido, is bringing out JAL’s cabin attendants’ best smiles to boost customer satisfaction. Between July and September 2016, Shiseido will be testing the Smile Software on 5,000 JAL cabin attendants.

    The Smile Software is an application which also uses FaceTime technology that is equipped in tablets. Once snapped, the software evaluates the quality of your smile. But aside from that, you can get to see 7 areas in which your smile is judged. These includes Trust, Charm, Elegance, Likability, Beauty, Affection, and Liveliness.

    The software also includes Smile Training that contains lessons which will teach you how to achieve that confident smile you’d like to possess. Your smile will be recorded in a daily diary for each training day which will help you in readjusting your line angle until you pass the test to satisfy the customer with your grin.

    There is also a Smile Lecture available called the Egao Kouza which is conducted 3 to 5 times a year if you prefer a more in-depth training.

    No passenger would feel bad during a long flight if they’re shown a beautiful smile by the cabin attendants on board. Customer satisfaction is the main priority and JAL is aiming to fulfill that through their cabin attendants. Wouldn’t you like to see their pretty smiles on your flight with them?

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