Butter Lover? Here Are 4 Places to Buy Fluffy Butter Cakes in Japan!

  • Have you ever heard of butter cakes? Because if you haven’t, you’re missing out on this delicious type of cake that is becoming popular in Japan. They are basically pound cakes that have a very high concentration of butter mixed into the batter.

    The fun thing about butter cakes is that each of them extremely varies in terms of shape, size, and flavor so not two butter cakes are alike and each one appeals differently to each person. Here is a list of 4 places where you can buy butter cakes in Japan as the perfect souvenir or a little treat for yourself.

    1. Échiré Maison Du Beurre

    The first butter cake that I would like to introduce is the Gateau Échiré from Échiré Maison Du Beurre which is a store that specializes in making butter sweets. Their Gateau Échiré includes a lot of buttercream giving it a rich and creamy flavor that you can’t taste elsewhere. These cakes melt upon contact with your tongue.


    2. Rokkatei (六花亭)

    Rokkatei is a sweets shop in Hokkaido and their butter cakes are made from Marusei Butter, which is the first kind of butter made in the city of Tokachi in Hokkaido. Rokkatei offers various desserts including cookies and caramels made using Marusei Butter, but their butter cakes are the most popular item in this series. The butter cakes are the newest addition to their collection and the two sponges that contain a lot of Marusei Butter sandwich a chocolate ganache in the middle.


    3. Nagasakido (長崎堂)


    Nagasakido is a long-running butter cake shop based in Hiroshima and the unique thing about their butter cakes is that their recipe is based on castellas. The butter cakes from Nagasakido are popular due to the fact that you can enjoy two kinds of textures in one dessert. If you eat the cakes right after buying them, the cakes are fluffy; but if you cool them in the fridge for a day, the cakes become moister. If you have the chance to purchase these butter cakes, I highly suggest that you try to experience both textures to find your favorite.


    4. Sweets Village Ange Coco (アンジェ・ココ)


    Ange Coco is an adorable sweets shop located in Saga Prefecture. Their cake boxes are modeled after the typical design for a box of butter here in Japan. Their buttercream cakes are their most popular menu and the fluffy sponge is covered in a rich and creamy buttercream. A citrus jam is sandwiched between each layer of sponge creating the perfect harmony between the rich creamy flavor of butter and the refreshing flavor of citrus.


    Butter cakes are the perfect gift for anyone including yourself. Who doesn’t like a delicious rich buttery cake? I hope this list served as a nice introduction into the world of butter cakes and that you will visit some of these shops to try out their wonderful creations!

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