A New Quiche Shop in Ikebukuro Offers Quiches Like You’ve Never Tasted Before!

  • I previously introduced a store specializing in tarts, but this time, I would like to present to you a new shop that opened in Ikebukuro that specializes in quiches – Quiche Yoroizuka! There has been a store in Enoshima as well, but the new shop in Ikebukuro just recently opened last July 1st of 2016.

    The owner of this new shop is Toshihiko Yoroizuka, a pastry chef who is also the owner-chef of Toshi Yoroizuka, a sweets shop located in two places in Japan. He was influenced by the sweets shop he was working at that sold quiches and wanted to sell some himself. Quiches made by a pastry chef? They are sure to be unique and something definitely worth trying.

    Quiche Yoroizuka has been made with the idea of offering a new kind of quiche made by a pastry chef and that is accessible. The quiches are made to bring out the flavor of the ingredients of both the base and the toppings in a great harmony of flavors. The shops have an eat-in space where you can enjoy the freshly made quiches or you can also buy them to take home, whether to eat yourself or gift to some friends or family. Other than the quiches and tarts, you can order a Quiche and Chicken set that includes one quiche, fried chicken, and a salad, or the Quiche and Salad set that includes two quiches and a salad. The store in Enoshima has a beautiful view of the ocean from the terrace seats on the roof.

    Quiche Yoroizuka offers 10 types of savory quiches, a specialty quiche pudding, and 7 types of sweet tarts. The 10 types of savory quiches are lorraine, sardines and green radish, tuna corn, keema curry, rolled cabbage, lasagna, ratatouille, eggs benedict, shrimp risotto with bisque sauce, and whole tomato with two-cheese sauce. The quiche pudding is a crispy pie cup surrounding a rich creamy pudding with caramel sauce. The 7 types of sweet tarts are cheesecake, chocolate, mixed berries, nuts, apple, strawberry, and orange.

    The quiches available at Quiche Yoroizuka are very unique and made from the viewpoint of an experienced pastry chef that is sure to make them different from anything else. So why not take some time to visit Quiche Yoroizuka?

    Quiche Yoroizuka’s Website

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