A Window to the Future: MIRAIKAN

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  • Is science and technology your thing? Do robots and gadgets of the future excite you? Then, Tokyo’s Miraikan is a perfect place for you!

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    Miraikan (“未来館” meaning “future museum”) is the name commonly used to refer to the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (日本科学未来館) in Odaiba, Tokyo. In its website, the museum is described as “a place where we can understand the things happening in our world today from a scientific point of view, and have discussions while considering the future that awaits us.”

    The symbol of Miraikan – a circle with arcs that could represent many things from planets to electrons.
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    Miraikan’s slogan which translates to “Open Your Eyes to Science: See a Whole New World.”
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    Miraikan’s permament exhibits are grouped into three: Tsunagari (つながり), Explore the Frontiers (世界探る), and Create your Future (未来を作る). Each group holds a vast collection of items for visitors to enjoy and learn from. Let’s find out more about the museum’s collections:

    Tsunagari (つながり)

    The Geo-Cosmos and the interactive panels
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    Tsunagari is a collection of scientific information about the Earth. Data are presented via interactive boards that visitors may use.

    The Geo-Cosmos, a giant LED globe displays not only the Earth’s geographic feature, but also visual representations of relevant scientific data (e.g. The View of the Earth at Night, Global Chemical Weather Forecast, Acidity of the Oceans, The Human Movement, etc.). With its size and visual appeal, the Geo-Cosmos is arguably the most striking feature of the Miraikan.

    Explore the Frontiers (世界探る)

    Shinkai 6500 – exhibit about deep-sea exploration
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    Explore the Frontiers tells us about the universe, the solar system, and the world around us. This section teaches about our position in space and presents the Earth on a more biological and exploratory standpoint, as opposed to Tsunagari’s geographic view.

    Create your Future (未来を作る)

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    As the name implies, this section of the museum is all about the future and how sustainability can be achieved. People here can see how the world is likely to be in the years to come, as predicted using scientific means. Plus, this is the robotics section – the place to meet Asimo!

    Special Exhibitions

    Miraikan Toilet Exhibition
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    Apart from its permanent displays, Miraikan also offer occasional special exhibitions. Among the most interesting special exhibitions is 2014’s “Toilet? – Human Waste and Earth’s Future” which tackled not only how toilets have evolved but also the importance of correctly managing sewage.

    Don’t miss it…

    Miraikan is a wonderful museum, but is probably unheard of by many. Try visiting one day, and be amazed by how enriching your experience will be!

    Museum information:

    Contact number: +81 3-3570-9151
    Admission fee: 620 for adults, 210 yen for people below 18.
    Open hours: 10:00 AM ~ 5:00 PM
    Nearest train stations: Telecom Center Station (Yurikamome Line), Fune no Kagakukan Station (Yurikamome Line) and Tokyo Teleport Station (Rinkai Line)
    Visit the museum’s English website for more details: Website

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