Show Off Your Love for Sushi With These Mouthwatering Backpacks!

  • I love Japan! The people, the architecture, the culture, and especially the food. Almost all the foreigners I know like to eat Japanese food a lot such as sushi, sashimi, teppanyaki, ramen, gyoza, and so on. It’s hard not to love Japanese food. Why is Japanese food so attractive? They are often thought to be healthier and tastier than Western cuisine. Food plays a huge part in understanding a country and its people. If you love Japanese cuisine so much, then why not wear one on your back?

    The Savory Design

    You can’t go wrong with choosing a sushi backpack from Japanese online retailer Turn Over. As you walk through the school corridors, not only will you turn heads but you’ll also make a lot of mouths water. There are basically three variants available for purchase: an egg, prawn, and a salmon sushi backpack. Each bag is designed to feature an egg or seafood sitting on top of a rectangular bag that is artistically detailed to resemble sushi rice. The exterior of the bags has a shiny surface and smooth texture making it look more realistic.

    Stylish and Convenient

    These bags are a sure knockout that will bring life to your outfit. Not only do they look astonishing, but they are practically useful as well. The bag is made with conveniently placed pockets designed to hold loads of things like water bottles, gadgets, and other trinkets. Note that you can place B4-sized notebooks in the main storage compartment of the bag which are designed to securely fasten your stuff in place.

    Purchasing Details

    Perfect for your everyday storage needs, you can flaunt your new sushi backpack at the cost of only 4,860 yen. Stocks are available from online retailers like Turn Over. If you live overseas, you can have your orders shipped to your country. Please inquire via their email address ( if you have other inquiries.

    Sushi Backpack on Turn Over’s Website *Japanese only

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