Make Your Dishes Aesthetically Pleasing With This Japanese Pagoda-Inspired Table Set!

  • A good meal is something that everyone wants to have. Any meal is served to satisfy our cravings and to fill up our energy. But what’s better than a good meal than one that’s well-served and plated with a pleasing appeal to the eater?

    If you’d like to serve your family or friends an aesthetically Japanese looking dish without even the Japanese food in it, then this table set might be something you’d like to have. You can serve your food in it or even just display it!

    The Koto Utsuwa Goju, or simply the Goju Table Set, from the Goju no Tou (五重塔) is a beautifully structured five-story pagoda-inspired table set. Due to its beauty, the Goju Table Set can also be gifted to your loved ones. They will surely appreciate the aesthetic of it!

    The Goju Table Set was designed using hasamiyaki, a traditional craft which uses high-quality porcelain that is usually painted in blue as decoration. When you buy this set, a leaflet is also included explaining the history of the hasamiyaki ceramics. Don’t worry because it’s written in both Japanese and English for the readers!

    The set is divided into several parts which include five square plates, five-tiered food boxes, a small bowl, and 5 chopstick rests which can be placed around the pagoda’s tip to rack it.

    While the Goju Table Set may serve a better meal thanks to its beautiful design and structure, it can also serve as a gorgeous display inside the house when you are not using it. Priced at 35,640 yen, the Goju Table Set can be purchased online through Amazon Japan for those who would like to have one. If you’re thinking of leveling up your dishes and impressing your family and friends, you might want to consider this pagoda set for a change!

    Koto Utsuwa Goju on Amazon Japan

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