Manga Artist of “Ah! My Goddess” Weds a Young Cosplayer!

  • Kosuke Fujishima (藤島康介) is a manga artist who is best known for his Ah! My Goddess manga series. He recently got married to a young cosplayer. The public is pretty surprised by the news due to the huge age gap between the couple.

    Kosuke Fujishima’s first manga series is entitled You’re Under Arrest, but the series that got him really well-known is his manga series Ah! My Goddess which spans a total of 48 volumes. The manga ran from 1988 until 2014 and is a “seinen” series which is catered towards the young adult male audience. The plot of the story is about a young college student, Keiichi Morisato, who accidentally dials the Goddess Help Line which then summons a beautiful goddess named Belldandy who can grant him a wish. Keiichi jokingly asks for the goddess to stay with him forever, and his wish was granted. From then on, the relationship between the two develops.

    Seeing that Ah! My Goddess was a pretty long-running series, you can kind of estimate how old Kosuke Fujishima currently is. He is presently 51 years old and his marriage to the 20-year-old cosplayer named Nekomu Otogi (御伽ねこむ) certainly comes across as shocking news. This is due to the large age gap of 31 years between the couple which does not happen often!

    The young and popular cosplayer revealed her marriage to Kosuke Fujishima through a tweet on her Twitter account (@otoginekomu). On the 28th of June, 2016, she Tweeted that she just got married to the famous manga artist the other day. She also mentioned that she is currently pregnant and that she will be working hard as a cosplayer mom.

    Despite the surprising news of the marriage, many people responded nicely and congratulated the couple. After all, love is blind and knows no bounds! We at Japan Info also sincerely wish the couple to have a happy life ahead.

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