Miura Haruma, “Mikoshi Dako” and More in This Week’s Hot 10 Articles!

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    Miura Haruma: Child Star Turned Into Award-Winning Japanese Actor

    If you’re a fan of Miura Haruma, then you’d love reading this article! If not, then you can find out more about his acting career and how he went from a mere child star to winning an award in this article.


    Ever Heard of the Japanese Bulges of Honor? Know More About the “Mikoshi Dako” Here!

    During some Japanese festivals, you have probably seen portable shrines that are carried through the parades. Notice how some of the bearers have bulges on their shoulders? Check this article to know what those are and what they represent.


    On a Budget? Shop at These Three Adorable 300-Yen Shops in Japan!

    Like 100-yen shops, there are also stores that sell different items for just 300 yen. This article introduces three shop franchises that can be found throughout Japan where you can buy affordable yet cute stuff. Whether you’re on a budget or not, you will definitely find something to spend your yen on.


    6 Incredibly Useful Japanese Phrases That English Needs to Adopt!

    No matter how hard we try, there are just some foreign words that are hard to translate to English and vice versa. But there are just so many Japanese phrases that prove useful in everyday life and that we should adopt! Here are 6 of them in this article.


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    A Lovely Visit to Hiroshima: the Past, the Present, and the Okonomiyaki!

    This is a writer’s account of her trip to Hiroshima, Japan. She talks about historical monuments and food such as the very famous okonomiyaki. Read on to see the city from her point of view as she shares her delightful experience!


    Check Out Hanayashiki Park in Asakusa − Japan’s Oldest Amusement Park!

    Have you ever been to the famous Sensoji Temple in Asakusa? Do you know that there’s actually an amusement park near it? Check this article for complete details about Japan’s oldest amusement park!


    Catch the Stage Adaptation of Popular Anime Bleach in Tokyo and Kyoto This Summer 2016!

    Bleach fans should not miss this rare chance to see their favorite anime live on stage! More details about the stage adaptation are in this article. Hurry and secure your tickets for the Rock Musical Bleach happening in Tokyo and Kyoto!


    Throwing a Party? Make It More Fun With These Japanese Seasonal Themed Party Poppers!

    If you’re throwing a party with your friends, why not be unique and use these seasonal themed party poppers? They will make your celebration more fun and definitely cuter. Or if you just want to experience the four seasons of Japan through these poppers, feel free to do so.


    Behind the Characters: The Perfect Guide to Use Katakana

    Trying to learn (the very difficult) Japanese? Apparently, one writing system is not enough that they have to have three. But don’t worry, for this guide to using katakana might just make things a bit easier for you.


    Spoiler-Free Review of Good Morning Call, Netflix Japan’s Newest Entry to the Romcom Genre!

    If you have Netflix, then you should watch Good Morning Call – a Netflix Japan original. Not convinced? Read this spoiler-free review of the show that stars Shunya Shiraishi and Haruka Fukuhara and give it a chance.

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