Don’t Miss This Modern and Colorful Wordless Performance in Kyoto

  • Imagine watching a show that does not involve the use of words. Would you be able to understand or enjoy it? As it is very likely when you are in Japan most performances that involve language would be (too) difficult to follow, this might be a great alternative. GEAR’s show in Kyoto is the first of its kind in Japan. It is a series of miming, juggling, breakdancing and magical acting by world-class performers, and it aims to make everyone in the audience enjoy a spectacle!

    About GEAR

    GEAR is the first non-verbal performance ever to have originated in Japan. As expected, all members do not say any word during the show. It started in April 2012 as a new form of entertainment for tourists. The purpose of the show is to display the harmony and beauty of the Japanese culture by exquisite balancing and contrasting. It is also used as an opportunity to make the community more attractive to visitors.

    GEAR is performed in a tiny theater called Kyoto’s Art Complex 1928. The building is actually registered as one of Kyoto’s Tangible Cultural Properties. There are only about 200 seats, but over multiple performances thousands of people can be accommodated to see the story unfold.

    The Story

    GEAR tells the story of a toy doll named “Doll”, who discovers that she has a human heart after interacting with human robots. World-class performers bring you an impressive performance of high-skilled acting accompanied by impressive stage effects such as the illusion of getting lost in a factory, or being thrown around by an indoor tornado. In order to project the desired image onto a particular object, a technology called project mapping has been used. It is interactive, which adds excitement to the show. To add even more color to the show, LED dresses have been used together with specially customized laser beams.

    This is a unique theatrical experience that will surely be enjoyed by both young and old. The show is usually held twice a day (afternoon and evening) except for Tuesdays and Thursdays. It lasts for about an hour, which is just great for short-stay visitors.

    GEAR Website

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