Which Anime is the Latest to Get Its Own Live-Action Film Adaptation?

  • Usually, when a manga or anime series achieves popularity, a live-action film or series will follow suit. It has already happened to many series such as ‘Great Teacher Onizuka’, ‘Ouran High School Host Club’, and ‘Rurouni Kenshin’, and now it is Gintama (銀魂)’s turn to get its own live-action film adaptation!

    Synopsis of Gintama

    In the world of Gintama which is set in late Edo period, an alien species known as The Amanto (天人) has invaded Earth and taken over feudal Japan. Swords are then banned so that the samurai cannot put up any resistance against the aliens. The story focuses on Gintoki Sakata (坂田銀時), an eccentric samurai with silvery-blue hair who does odd jobs to pay his monthly rent. Gintama is a shonen series filled with action and humor that has already attracted many fans.

    Live-Action Film Confirmed

    There had been rumors about the live-action film adaptation of Gintama since it was discovered that Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc had registered domain name gintama-film.com. The rumors turn out to be true as Weekly Shonen Jump (少年ジャンプ) has just announced that the Gintama film is set to be released in 2017. The film will be directed by Yuichi Fukuda (福田雄一), who is known for directing the Hentai Kamen films (HK 変態仮面). The main character of the film, Sakata Gintoki, will be played by popular Japanese actor Shun Oguri (小栗旬).

    Shun Oguri

    Shun Oguri is an actor whose portrayal as Noboru Yoshikawa (吉川のぼる) in the ‘Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO)’ drama series earned him attention, which led to him being hired to play bigger roles. Among his most notable acting roles are Hanazawa Rui (花沢類) in highly popular drama series ‘Hana Yori Dango (花より団子)’, and Izumi Sano (佐野泉) in ‘Hanazakari Kimi no Kimitachi e (花ざかりの君たちへ)’. Aside from acting, Oguri Shun is also a director. He has directed a movie called ‘SURELY, SOMEDAY (シュアリー・サムデイ)’, that was released in 2010.

    As the director is known to direct humorous films, the Gintama film may turn out to be pretty funny. Besides that, a popular and handsome actor is cast as the main character, so the outcome can’t be other than great! What is your favorite live-action adaptation of a manga or anime up till now?

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