Spend the Night in Akihabara at This Capsule Hotel for Men!

  • Traveling to Akihabara this summer? I’m sure you’re pretty much excited to tour the city streets while looking in awe at all the cool specialty shops. It is basically the most popular district for fans of Japanese anime, manga, and games. If you are visiting Akihabara for the first time, there are loads of places where you can spend the night – from fancy hotels to traditional inns which are usually expensive. Don’t worry, capsule hotels are heaven-sent and will provide you the shelter that you need. They are Japan’s solution to cheap accommodation for travelers who primarily just want to sleep and nothing else. You might want to check out Anshin Oyado Luxury Capsule Hotel that offers you the same amenities of other capsule hotels but with some added perks.

    Anshin Oyado Luxury Capsule Hotel

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    【荻窪店】 本日(19日)、空室ございます(^^)/" . 荻窪駅から徒歩2分、新宿へは電車で約15分とアクセス良し! . チェックアウト時間は翌日15:00ですので、ごゆっくりご滞在いただけます✨ 朝には当店自慢の「朝カレー」サービスも(^^)♪ . ご予約お待ちしております!! (空室状況はWEB、お電話にてお問合せくださいませ) . #安心お宿 #豪華 #カプセルホテル #秋葉原 #新橋 #新宿 #荻窪 #汐留 #京都 #宿泊 #カフェ #人工温泉 #サウナ #風呂 #観光 #ホテル #JR #山手線 #仕事 #出張 #hotel #akihabara #shinbashi #shinjuku #ogikubo #shiodome #follow4follow #follow

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    Anshin Oyado is situated in Akihabara, Tokyo. If you’re a guy, then you would certainly rejoice because the capsule hotel only offers accommodation exclusive for men. This is probably the ultimate capsule hotel that any man could ask for. Read on to find out why.

    Perks and Freebies

    The capsule hotel is fully equipped with just about anything you need. Each guest is provided with a tablet loaded with games, manga, and even free movies. If you prefer watching movies on a larger screen, there is also a 19-inch monitor installed in the room. For those of you who prefer an even larger monitor, you can opt for a special capsule called “theater room” where you can enjoy high-definition display on a 40-inch monitor. To entertain you some more, there is a shelf filled with manga, virtual reality headsets that you can borrow, and computers to surf the web.

    Running short on clean clothes? Fret not! The hotel sells shirts, socks, and even underwear. They don’t sell pants, though, but they do have a laundromat so you won’t have an excuse to wear the same dirty clothes over and over again.

    Feeling thirsty? No problem, vending machines are located in the hotel where you can avail free soft drinks for your own consumption.

    Relaxing Hot Bath

    Nothing beats a soothing hot bath after a long and tiring day. In the basement, you can soak in and relax in the hotel’s man-made mineral bath designed to give the same comfort that a hot spring has to offer.

    If you are traveling to Akihabara in the near future, make your reservation at Anshin Oyado Luxury Capsule Hotel, a place where you can spend the night without breaking your budget.


    Anshin Oyado Akihabara
    Address: Tokyo-to, Chiyoda-ku, Soto Kanda 1-2-12
    Phone number: +81 120-083-489

    Check out more information on rooms, rates, and facilities here!

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