10 Strange Things That the Japanese People Invented!

  • Japan can be a strange place sometimes. In any country you visit, you are going to find products that seem odd but Japan seems to have a lot more of these than you can find anywhere else. So here is a list of some of the strangest items that you can only find in Japan! (It is actually difficult to find these products in Japan but knowing about them is enough for you to have fun!)

    10. Hizamakura (The Lap Pillow)

    There is nothing quite like resting your head on your lover’s lap and taking a nice nap. No girlfriend? No problem! With the Lap Pillow you get all of the benefits of a lady’s lap without any of the pesky commitment issues!

    9. The Hay-fever Hat

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    In springtime, allergens are in the air big-time in Japan. It can be so inconvenient to carry around tissue (even though there are tons of people giving away free tissue at virtually every train station). Hence, the Hay-fever Hat that keeps you well-stocked at all times!

    8. The Body Umbrella

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    Rain in Japan is no joke. On a really rainy day a normal umbrella will keep your head and shoulders dry, but literally, everything below your collarbone is probably going to get sopping wet. Hence, the Body Umbrella!

    7. The Face Bib

    Love pasta and ramen, but hate getting sauce on your pristinely cleaned, ironed, and starched shirt? The Face Bib will solve all your troubles (except your social ones).

    6. Microwaveable Dogs

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    Dogs are great to cuddle, but they can be so problematic: potty training, feeding, walking, painstakingly training them to soil your enemies’ most precious possessions (though that one might be just me…). Throw this dog in the microwave and you will have a warm friend that will keep you company for a long time (or until he needs a re-heat).

    5. The Subway Sleeper Chin Guard

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    Exhausted from a long day a the office? Can’t find a seat on the train? Just bust out your handy portable chin rest and nap away your commute (and pray that no one kicks the stand out from under you).

    4. Baby Mops

    Do you ever feel that your infant is not pulling its weight in the housework? Put your baby in the Baby Mop. Let them clean your floors while they scuffle around!

    3. Huggable Pillows for Ladies

    Are you a lady that wants to fall asleep on the chest of an Olympian God, only to realize that most Japanese men have the chest muscles of an 8-year-old? The Strong Silent Type Pillow is just the thing for you!

    2. The Transit Hat

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    Another item in the “I have no concept of work-life balance” collection: The Transit Hat. This helps your head to stay in a comfortable position while you travel. It even comes with a little placard where you can write the station you want to get off, so people can wake you up on time.

    1. Book Pillow

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    Oh, how I wish I had this in college. This pillow is disguised as a book so you can take your naps in class and look like you are a super great student.

    Have you seen any other weird products that were ‘Made in Japan’?

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