Taste 3 of the Best Tasting Sake Locally Brewed in Tokyo!

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  • You’ll never truly enjoy the essence of being in Japan if you don’t try tasting sake. It is one of the heavily enjoyed rice wines often drank by people as it goes very well with lots of Japanese dishes. Though the origin of sake is unclear, there are several locally made sake in the area of Tokyo which just stand out from the rest. Let’s get to know three of them and their brewery.

    1. Sawanoi (澤乃井)

    Ozawa Shuzo Sake Brewery has a brewing history of more than 300 years. It has been producing sake in Tokyo since 1702. It brews several types of sake from smooth and dry, to those with refreshing tastes. One of their popular products is called “sawanoi” which is produced with spring water from the Okutama area. Most of these are prepared fresh and dry which makes it easier for people to drink even for those who are first-timers. If you want to know more about the brewery, you can join a tour which lasts for 45 minutes for a group of 40 people.

    Brewery Tour Information *Japanese only

    2. Tamajiman (多満自慢)

    Tamajiman is brewed in the over-100-year-old kura buildings (traditional Japanese storehouse) of Ishikawa Brewery, which started its business in 1863. The company is proud of its sake which was made from abundant, pure water and fresh air in Kumagawa, Fussa City of Tokyo. Plus, excellent relationships are well maintained with the customers which keep them coming back. Despite the success, the company is still pursuing to search for new possibilities related to sake brewing. A study tour is available if you want to know more about Tamajiman and its brewery. It is available during Mondays to Fridays from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Advance reservation is required.

    Brewery Tour Information

    3. Marushin Masamune (丸眞正宗)

    Koyama Brewery is clearly distinctive from the rest owing to being the only sake brewery located in Tokyo’s 23 wards. It was founded in 1878 upon the discovery of a good spring in the area. Marushin Masamune is the brewery’s flagship product due to its uniquely intense flavor which makes it delicious on its own. The brewery also offers tours where you can watch the actual manufacturing process and do some sake tasting. It is necessary to make a reservation at least 7 days before and the number of people attending the tour should be more than 5. Although the tour will be held in Japanese, you could still get to know the process just by seeing the facilities.

    Brewery Tour Information *Japanese only

    These are just 3 of the best tasting sake you can find in Tokyo. Whether it is your first time to drink sake or not, you’ll surely enjoy the smoothness of it as it matches well with fish and meat.

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