Get Welcomed by an Owl During Your Stay at the Wise Owl Hostels Tokyo!

  • The cuteness of animals attracts visitors which is why animal cafes are such a popular concept. The next popular trend has got to be a hostel that features animals. If you are keen to visit such a hostel, you should be happy to know that the Wise Owl Hostels Tokyo just recently opened on the 22nd of July, 2016.

    The Wise Owl Hostels Tokyo is located in Hatchobori, East Tokyo. As the name of the hostel implies, there will be an owl in the hostel. The owl that would welcome the stay of both foreign and domestic guests is a Belgium-born Eurasian eagle-owl.

    For those who are in the dark about what a Eurasian eagle-owl is, it is one of the biggest species of owl! The male is actually slightly smaller than the female. The Eurasian eagle-owl has prominent ear tufts and orange eyes. In the wild, the Eurasian eagle-owl typically only lives up to about 20 years, but it can live for more than 60 years in captivity! Hence, the owl would likely serve the hostel for a long time!

    The hostel not only provides accommodation on the 2nd to 5th floors, but there is also a service apartment available for rent on the 6th floor. The service apartment measures 83 square meters with a maximum occupancy of 4 people and a minimum stay of one month.

    Guests can have their meals at the Wise Owl Café located on the first floor that would serve coffee from OBSCURA COFFEE ROASTERS. Alternatively, guests can chill at the Howl Bar located in the hostel basement.

    The outer wall of one side of the hostel is decorated with wall art by Jun Inoue. You may fall in love with the hostel owl after your first stay so make sure to come back!

    Check out more information on rooms, rates, and facilities here!

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