Get to Know About the New Fashion Trend in Japan, Genderless Kei!

  • With different unique and fashionable styles often broadly seen in the streets of Japan, it’s no longer strange to have a new fashion trend popping out of the corner in a blink of an eye.

    From contemporary Japanese fashion styles to Harajuku Pop, there’s an unlimited variation that a person can embark in here in Japan. But in a span of a year, a somewhat new fashion trend targeting men have been the talk of the town. The number of Genderless Kei’s have been booming with their fashion but what is it all about anyway?

    Genderless Kei

    While men being quite feminine in Japan is not quite new to our ears anymore, the hot Genderless Kei trend takes fashion to a whole new level. The trend began from last year’s well-known fashion show, the Tokyo Girl’s Collection, when a number of top Genderless Kei model’s showed out their own mix of clothing fashion and style.

    The Genderless Kei is closely like how the Western models incorporate fashion and androgyny, but instead of focusing on one gender style, the Genderless Kei mixes in both male and female fashion achieving the androgynous look with a large impact on cuteness with some popular references such as GENKING, Toman (とまん), and Kondo Yohdi (こんどうようぢ). The Genderless Kei trend is not only for men but women as well, although there is more exposure with the former.

    How to achieve the Genderless Kei image?

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    In order to achieve the greater depths of Genderless Kei, popular items such as makeup, colored contact lenses, clothing, accessories, and hair dye are often incorporated into this trendy style.

    Is Genderless Kei fashion related to sexuality?

    Some readers who aren’t familiar with the broadness of Japanese fashion trends and style may at first probably relate the Genderless Kei trend to being gay for these men and women, but this fact is quite the opposite.

    The people who join in the Genderless Kei fashion are people who deeply appreciates both aesthetics seen in men’s and women’s fashion and is a choice in terms of fashion rather than of sexuality. While this may not be for every person, each who takes on the style has their own equal preference for fashion and sexuality.

    Japan has many interesting trends and fashion styles that often come and go. The Genderless Kei, however, brings out an individual’s freedom to choose their own style preference regardless of gender. Now, what do you think of the Genderless Kei trend?

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