‘Pet Dog Exorcism Plan’ to Rid Pups of Bad Spirits? Available in Japan!

  • Japan is probably one of the friendliest places to have a pet. Owning a dog for a pet is considered to be the most popular of all. There has been an increase in the availability and quality of pet shops offering different kinds of pet services from fancy clothes to expensive photo shoots. And this time, a unique package called “Pet Dog Exorcism Plan” has been created to get rid of bad spirit in pooches. This service is being conducted by a Shinto priest on the grounds of D+KIRISHIMA in Kyushu.

    The Hotel’s Spiritual Connection

    The Pet Dog Exorcism Plan is a holiday package plan for dogs offered by D+KIRISHIMA due to its spiritual connection to the Kirishima Shrine, a brilliant red structure located near the hotel. The shrine is designated as an Important Cultural Property due to its religious history. It is considered to be related to a Japanese mythology regarding the sacred creation of the first people in Japan. Several ancient traditional performing arts are being held in the shrine as a belief of pleasing the gods. This time, the first exorcism ritual for dogs will be done here as well. This is actually taken very seriously as the ritual is being done by a Shinto priest.

    The Exorcism Plan

    The package plan is going to include spa baths, formal traditional multi-course Japanese (kaiseki) meals, and ceremonial exorcism. It has been designed to help pets have a fruitful and healthy year by ridding them of bad spirits and praying for their future. The ceremony is done during the dog’s unlucky health years which is similar to the human’s unfortunate years.

    According to the hotel, the unlucky years of a dog are 7, 10, and 13. Dogs have to undergo this ritual before getting physical refreshment where they can enjoy a mineral-rich onsen spa. The plan comes at a price of 31,000 yen which includes a room for two people and their pup. This is also inclusive of free breakfast and dinner.

    So if you’re a dog owner in Japan, this holiday exorcism plan might just suit you and your pooch. To find out more about the plan, you can check out their site here.

    D+KIRISHIMA’s Website

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