Experience Pure Seafood Extravagance at Restaurant Chikae in Fukuoka, Japan

  • When you’re living or travelling in a foreign country that so happens to feature your absolute favourite cuisine, sometimes you just have to say “what the hell, blow the cost” and really splash out on some top notch nosh. In Japan, there are countless restaurants that offer sushi, sashimi and other seafood dishes so delicious as to make you cry, with price tags that will produce the same effect. If you’re in Fukuoka and want to treat yourself, there is no better place to head to than Chikae!

    Central Location

    Located in the bustling Hakata district of the city, restaurant Chikae has been open since 1961. With a seating capacity of 200 people, this is a great choice for large corporate events – particularly if the boss is paying! Private rooms in both Western and Japanese style are available for rent. If you can get a seat, some of the prime spots are the tables in the middle of the main hall which look down on the fish tanks containing your couldn’t-be-fresher fish and seafood.

    The Menu


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    Set menus are a great way to sample a little bit of everything and perhaps try some unusual dishes that you’ve never heard of before, but they don’t come cheap! At Chikae restaurant you can get seasonal courses from ¥4,500 up to¥20,000 per person, with the pricier options including ‘Ikizukuri’ – super-fresh fish that has been sliced up sashimi style and presented to you ‘in its original form’, which basically means with the head and the tail on the plate and the delicious meat arranged in between, as if the fish just swam onto your plate, opened itself up and sang ‘Eat me! Eat me!’


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    If you’d rather pick for yourself, the A La Carte menu has much to choose from – it might be a good idea to take a look at the menu before your visit to get an idea of what to pick! Speciality dishes are those that include ‘mentaiko’ – a sort of spicy fish roe, which can also be bought to take home from the Chikae shop.

    Sushi and sashimi are top choices and you can be assured that the quality is top notch – even the kid meals comes with a small plate of delicious raw fish. Platters are available to suit the size of your party. Other good choices include tempura, noodles, hot pot, and silky-soft tofu that is of a quality you’ll never see in the supermarkets.

    Lunch Deal


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    If you’re drooling at the mention of such fares but don’t think you can fork out, a cheaper option is to head there at lunch time for the ‘Happy Hour Lunch Set’. At only ¥1,400 the set includes tempura, sashimi, a soba teishoku, and more – well worth the price. You should try to arrive early – they only serve 500 lunch sets per day and you can’t book, so don’t miss out!

    Open from 11:00 – 14:00 for lunch and closing at 22:00, Chikae is a fantastic choice for anyone wanting to impress. Whether you’ve got a hot date, an important family meal, a business meeting, or just want to treat yourself, Chikae is the epitome of extravagance and you’re bound to have a great experience.

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