Gather All Animanga Fans and Head to This Otaku Heaven in Tokyo!

  • Are you a huge fan of anime and manga? Aside from the well-known Akihabara district, Nakano Broadway Mandarake is also a great place to go! You’ll be able to see hard-to-find anime and manga collectibles around this area plus you’ll be in so much awe when you visit this place!

    Nakano Broadway Mandarake

    Nakano Broadway Mandarake is the main branch of Mandarake. The building was built in 1987 as a “pre-owned comic dealer in Nakano Broadway building.” Currently, it is visited by fans from Asia, Europe, and America! The building has 25 stores that have a variety of anime and manga collectibles. The staff of the stores share the same passion and love for anime and manga and they can speak English, Chinese, and other languages so fans from all over the world can get help from them anytime! Nakano Broadway Mandarake is only a 5-minute walk from the North Exit of JR Nakano Station. The building opens at 12 nn and closes at 8 pm.

    What does Nakano Broadway Mandarake offer?

    Nakano Broadway Mandarake is originally a pre-owned comic dealer. Up until now, the building still offers manga for manga lovers! You could find pre-owned manga at the cheap price of 105 yen up to a million yen depending on its rarity. For old toys and collectibles of Godzilla and Ultraman, Special-kan is one of the places to visit in Nakano Broadway Mandarake! You can find many pre-owned collectibles that are still in good condition here. Of course, roam the building to your heart’s content and don’t forget to visit the basement for your tummy if you get hungry.

    Personal thoughts on Nakano Broadway Mandarake

    I first heard about Nakano Broadway Mandarake when a friend visited Tokyo for the first time. According to her, she saw hard-to-find J-pop items in a store there! Upon hearing that, I added the place to my bucket list. When I first visited Japan, I hadn’t had the chance to visit the said iconic place so I’ll make sure to visit it next time!

    Mandarake Website

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