3 Bakeries to Buy Simple yet Delicious Salt Bread in Japan

  • Did you know that there is a new kind of bread that is becoming extremely popular in Japan? Salt bread has recently been featured very often on television due to its simple yet unique flavor. Salt bread or salt rolls are mainly made from salt, butter, and flour and are extremely simple, but because the ingredients are so simple, the skills of each bakery come into the open. Salt bread has the appearance comparable to that of croissants. I would like to introduce to you 3 bakeries that sell some of the most delicious salt bread in Japan.

    1. Toho Bakery

    Toho Bakery is located in Kichijoji and their GOLD salt butter rolls are the most popular menu. They sell over 1,000 rolls every day! The bakery uses some of the best ingredients for this simple recipe such as butter from Hokkaido.

    Toho Bakery’s Website

    2. Pain Maison

    Pain Maison is a bakery in Ehime Prefecture. The most popular item on their menu is also their salt rolls and people come from all over Japan in order to get a taste of these rolls. What makes Pain Maison special and stand out above the others is that they are the first bakery to make salt rolls in Japan. The bakery is constantly surrounded by lines of people.

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    Pain Maison’s Website

    3. Pain Pati

    Pain Pati is a bakery in the city of Machida in Tokyo. This bakery’s salt butter rolls have a crispy outside crust and a fluffy inside that make the perfect combination. Their salt butter rolls are just 65 yen, making them the cheapest in this list. The bakery also has a cafe attached to it so you can enjoy the wonderful weather outside while enjoying some delicious bread.

    Pain Pati’s Website

    I hope this article helped introduce this new bread trend to you. Next time you go to a bakery, I highly recommend grabbing a salt roll along with your usual favorites. This trend is pushing bakeries and shops all over Japan to offer salt rolls as a part of their menu. If you are looking for a midday snack, why not try some salt rolls at these bakeries?

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