5 Places in Tokyo to Satisfy Your Pancake Craving

  • Pancakes are the perfect dessert/food to eat for breakfast, lunch, or even dinner! I always enjoy making pancakes with my family on slow weekend mornings, but it’s always nice to actually go to a cafe and try some pancakes made by professional pastry chefs. Here are 5 places in Tokyo where you can enjoy delicious pancakes.

    1. crisscross

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    東京・表参道𓂃𓂂𓈒𓏸❁𓂂 crisscross(クリスクロス)  🇹🇼生活在東京,拜訪率最高的「crisscross」🙈 ❀春季限定MENU❀散發濃郁抹茶香的鬆餅,配上櫻花奶油和黑蜜醬,充滿春天氣息的和風鬆餅,讓人更期待這禮拜就要滿開的櫻花啊~‪(ॢ˘◡˘ॢ)⸝⸝⸝🌸  🇯🇵東京の桜がついに開花宣言がでました(✿´˘`✿)🌸 暖かくなり、テラス席が素敵な「crisscross」で 春スペシャル”抹茶パンケーキ”を♡♡ 桜がふわり香るホイップクリームと黒蜜ソースの甘味が、濃厚抹茶パンケーキに絶妙にマッチ🍃とっても美味しかったです!!  🥞Matcha Pancake ¥1600 🍃期間限定:3月21日~4月7日 📍東京都港区南青山5-7-28 🚃「表参道駅」徒歩5分 ⏰8:00~21:00  ┈┈┈┈┈┈ 𓂂𖡼.𖤣𖥧⑅ ┈┈┈┈┈┈ 𓂂𖡼.𖤣𖥧⑅ ┈┈┈┈┈┈ #crisscross#クリスクロス#鬆餅#パンケーキ部#抹茶控 #matcha#抹茶#抹茶スイーツ#表参道カフェ#青山カフェ#popjapan#cafemiru#retrip_gourmet#hungryintokyo#tokyostyle2019#wafoo_japan#purelamo#dokoiku#インスタ探検隊#パンケーキ#東京カフェ#東京カフェ巡り#matchapancakes#表参道ランチ#MeibaoFUN東京

    𝕄𝕖𝕚𝕓𝕒𝕠𓌈⋆︎*𓂃🇯🇵🇹🇼さん(@japancake_trip)がシェアした投稿 –

    Crisscross is an all-day cafe in Omotesando and their pancakes are known for being simple yet extremely delicious. The pancakes are accompanied by fruits, maple syrup, and butter – in my opinion, the absolute best way to enjoy the flavor of the pancakes.

    crisscross’ Website

    2. IVY PLACE

    IVY PLACE in Daikanyama is a fancy cafe surrounded by greenery and the terrace seats are great for sunny days. Their classic milk butter pancakes are the most popular items on their menu and you can choose to put honey or maple syrup along with the fluffy and delicious pancakes.

    IVY PLACE’s Website

    3. fukadaso CAFE

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    I previously mentioned this cafe as an introduction to some of the best coffee shops in Kiyosumi-shirakawa but their simple homemade pancakes are extremely good as well! Their plain pancakes are available from 600 yen – affordable enough to make you order more of their addictive pancakes.

    fukadaso CAFE’s Website

    4. Yukinoshita Ginza

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    本日もパンケーキ&カキ氷専門店 雪ノ下銀座一丁目店はスタッフ一同、元気に営業しております。 今日は全てのパンケーキのベースになるスフレスポンジについてのお話し🥞 雪ノ下のパンケーキ生地は、先ず、小麦が違う!卵が違う!牛乳が違う! 小麦🥞:最高級北海道小麦 卵🥚:平飼い有精卵 牛乳🥛:低温殺菌牛乳 (銘柄については、また後日一つずつご紹介しますね) 雪ノ下は素材にとことん拘った唯一無二のカフェと自負しております☕️ そして、なんと言ってもパンケーキ生地の風味を一番ダイレクトに味わって頂ける自慢の一品がハニー&バター。スタンダードなハニー&バターパンケーキ🥞は国産発酵バターと季節の蜂蜜とぴったしです🍯 この季節、苺🍓もいいけどハニー&バターもね❣️笑 ぜひ、拘りの素材をお召し上がり下さいませ〜 #雪ノ下 #銀座一丁目 #パンケーキ #ハニー&バター #ふわふわ #もっちり #国産小麦 #平飼い有精卵 #低温殺菌牛乳 #ありがとう #感謝 #思いやり #笑顔

    雪ノ下 銀座一丁目店さん(@yukinoshita_ginza1)がシェアした投稿 –

    Yukinoshita in Ginza is extremely famous for their desserts. The owner is a cake chef which explains why her desserts are so amazing.

    The pancakes at Yukinoshita are extremely thick and look more like actual cakes than the typical pancake. The pancakes are accompanied by extremely fragrant butter slices and high-grade honey. They also have pancakes with different fruits and scoops of ice cream on top.

    Yukinoshita Ginza’s Website

    5. Mimoza

    Mimoza in Asakusa is a cafe that offers affordably priced coffee, cakes, scones, and of course, their most famous pancakes. The pancakes at Mimoza are basically pagodas. Their big pancake, which is only 720 yen, is five pancakes stacked on top of each other and topped off with a rare kind of butter. Apparently, this “big pancake” was only three-stack high, but in celebration of the creation of the SkyTree, the cafe decided to up their game and added two more layers.

    Mimoza’s Website

    I hope this helps you if you are ever craving pancakes. There are definitely various types of pancakes out there but it all comes down to enjoying the simple flavors of the ingredients. That’s why people say “simple is the best.” After writing this, I am definitely going to eat pancakes for breakfast tomorrow.

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