Traveling To Kyushu? Visit These 3 Beautiful Places in Kagoshima

  • Kagoshima is located in Kyushu, an island which is often compared to Italy’s Naples. It has a relatively hot climate with a distinct and rich food culture. It is the birthplace of many snacks and popular timeless sweets in Japan. Apart from this, it is also home to a very traditional Japanese beverage called ‘shochu’. If you are going to visit this city, keep reading for 3 places of interest that I would highly recommend for travel!


    Kagoshima’s Hokusatsu is known for 10,000 migrating cranes from Russia and northeast China that stay in the area to pass the winter season. Other than this, it is also known for a dynamic tug of war participated in by young men, which is held every September 22 of the year in Satsumasendai City. It is a fierce battle between men pulling a long rope.

    During the spring season there are many places that are well-suited for cherry blossom viewing such as Tadamoto Park in Isa City. The blossoms especially look majestic at night when the lanterns are lighted, illuminating the flowers beautifully.


    The area in Kirishima was the first place to be designated as a national park in Japan. There are high mountain ranges such as Mt. Kirishima and Mt. Karakuni. Gorgeous virgin green forests dress the area in pristine wildness. It is also rich with ancient mythologies as well as ruins of large historical settlements.

    It is the perfect place to relax surrounded by nature. You can even play with animals while enjoying a barbecue at the Takachiho Farm. You can also travel back to the ancient time by visiting the forest of the Uenohara Jomon Site, a place where you can also experience making earthenware and building a fire.

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    Amami Island

    Amami Island (Amami Oshima) is quite a subtropical paradise. It is actually located between Okinawa and Kagoshima, and it is known for having very warm summers and mild winters. Its rich culture and history is introduced to tourists in a theme park called Amami Park.

    You can take a tour using a canoe in a Mangrove forest for 60 minutes at the mangrove park. It is also home to one of the world’s largest coral reefs under clear water boasting exceptional underwater diversity. Banyan trees and coral walls can be found on Kikaijima Island where you can also find the tallest Amami tree.

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    If you want to enjoy Kagoshima at its fullest, you definitely should visit these 3 places of interest. All 3 are wonderful places to enjoy nature and local culture at the same time!

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