The Sanrio Boys Are Having Their Own Smartphone Game Soon!

  • The popular brand Sanrio has a large number of characters from their extensive list to introduce to all of us. But within that list, the closest that would represent anime characters would be their group of five “ikemen” (good-looking) guys, the Sanrio Boys.

    Background of the Sanrio Boys

    The Sanrio Boys consists of five high school boys who each have their own favorite Sanrio character. The group includes Hasegawa Kota who likes Pompom Purin, Mizuno Yuu who likes My Melody, Nishimiya Ryo who likes the Little Twin Stars Kiki & Lala, Minamoto Seiichiro who likes Cinnamoroll, and Yoshino Shunsuke who likes Hello Kitty.

    Last November 2015, the boys started out their official group’s Twitter account where fans can get to check their daily lives. In April 2016, the boys have starred in their own manga as well!

    Many girls are attracted to the personality gap that these boys have thanks to both being good looking and their love for the Sanrio characters. To make girls even more excited with them, a new game will be brought out for your heart to skip a beat!

    Sanrio Boys Love Simulation Game

    The Sanrio Boys will be having their own Love Simulation Smartphone Game released this Fall of 2016 which will be available for both the iOS and Android where you can get to enjoy falling in love with the characters.

    Now, the first thing you have to do is to make an advance registration on the game’s official website. For reaching every 30,000, 60,000, 90,000, and 120,000 registrations, a special prize such as in-game items, “gacha medals,” story tickets and more will be given to all registrants.

    Not only will this be a heart-skipping love simulation game for the girls out there, but this can also serve as practice for those who are learning Japanese. Learn the language by immersing yourself in a Japanese smartphone game! Who do you think you’ll fall in love with in this game of hearts?

    Sanrio Boys Love Simulation Game Website *Japanese only

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