Anime ‘Laughing Under the Clouds’ Goes Live-Action Film!

  • Donten ni Warau (曇天に笑う), or Laughing Under the Clouds, is a manga series by Karakara-Kemuri (唐々煙). Like many other manga series, it has been adapted into an anime series. And the latest news is that the manga series will be getting a live-action film adaptation!

    No Swords For Samurai

    The world of Donten ni Warau is set in the period of the Meiji Restoration (late 19th century). This is when swords were banned, which greatly affected the population of the samurai. Not all samurai happily accepted this rule, and therefore, there are some samurai became rebellious.

    In the story, the situation cause many samurai to go to jail, but many of them manage to escape and cause a rampage in Japan. The government of Japan responds by having a large prison built in the middle of Lake Biwa. Their main issue is that they have to capture all the criminals and put them into this large prison. Hence, three brothers named Tenka Kumo, Soramaru Kumo, and Chutaro Kumo, are given the difficult task to bring the prisoners to the giant prison.

    Leading Man

    The main protagonist in Donten ni Warau is Tenka Kumo, the oldest of the 3 brothers. In the live-action film adaptation, it has been confirmed that Sota Fukushi (福士蒼汰) will be playing the role of Tenka Kumo. Previously, he has acted in movies such as Enoshima Prism, As the Gods Will, In the Hero, and some Kamen Rider movies. He was given the Rookie of the Year award in the 2015 (38th) Japan Academy Prize competition.


    To spread the news of the upcoming film adaptation, a website and Twitter account have been set up. The film will be directed by Katsuyuki Motohiro (本広克行), who has directed films like Psycho-Pass and The Bayside Shakedown 2. Yuuya Takahashi (高橋悠也) is penning the script.

    The film will be screened in Japan in 2017. In the meantime, you can read the manga series or watch the anime series if you have not done so already!

    Donten ni Warau Website*Japanese Only

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