Travel back to your childhood! Doraemon museum

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    Have you ever heard of Doraemon? It is one of the most famous animes in Japan that has even gone international.
    I was watching Doraemon since I was child, and I thought it was really interesting and the funniest anime ever. I still watch it sometimes eve though I’m already in my 20s!

    Last year, I had a chance to have some Doraemon nostalgic experience. What does it mean?
    I have visited the Doraemon Museum in Japan. It is a fancy art museum located in the suburbs of Kawasaki. The museum is the work of Fujiko F.Fujio (the person who created Doraemon).

    So, let me tell you about Doraemon first, for those who do not know him. Doraemon is a cat-shaped robot from the 22nd century who travels back in time to befriend a group of kids. If you watch anime you will see that he is really cute and always tries to help Nobita with all of the life’s problems.
    I highly recommend you to watch it if you want to know more about it. It is a really funny anime!

    Doraemon world

    The most well known Doraemon’s magic tool is “Doko demo Door”. It is a teleportation door, which allows you to travel anywhere by simply going through it. And you know what? You can actually see the replica of this door in Doraemon Museum. It was a truly exciting experience to see “Doko demo Do a” in real life.

    Not only that, have you heard of Dorayaki? Dorayaki is Doraemon’s most favorite food. You too can eat Doraemon Dorayaki there when you visit the museum’s cafe and restaurant.

    See all of the characters!

    You also can see the other Doraemon related things, like the replica of Doraemon and all of the other characters, such as Nobita, Suneo, Giant, and etc. I think it is great to visit museum like this, especially if you love Doraemon! Feel some Doraemon nostalgia surrounded by other Doraemon lovers!

    Fujiko F Fujio Museum website