Japanese Idol Ami Suzuki Has Announced Her Shotgun Wedding!

  • On her official website a major Japanese idol named Ami Suzuki had announced some major news in July, 2016. It was revealed that she got married on the 1st of July, 2016, and is currently pregnant with her first child!

    Ami Suzuki (鈴木 亜美)

    So who is Ami Suzuki? She may not be known by the younger generation, but she was actually quite popular during the late 1990s. She is not only a pop singer, but has also ventured into other areas like acting and DJ-ing. During her time of fame, she worked under TRUE KiSS DiSC, a sub-label of Sony Music Entertainment. She has won that contract after coming in first in a singing competition.


    In 2000, her parents tried to sue her management company AG Communications for underpaid royalties, which resulted in Ami Suzuki being blacklisted in the music industry. Her musical career was hugely affected by this issue. In 2004, she released new music under her own label, Amity. In 2005, she joined label Avex Trax. Among some of her most popular songs are BE TOGETHER, Boys & Girls, Alone In My Room, White Key, and All Night Long. During the peak of her career she was often compared to fellow artist Ayumi Hamasaki.

    Non-Famous Husband

    In the latest shocking announcement made by Ami Suzuki, she stated that she got married to a non-celebrity man. She met the man in December 2015, and the couple had been dating for about half a year. According to Ami Suzuki, her husband is a strong man who is constantly supporting her.

    Shotgun Wedding

    Shotgun weddings are not uncommon among celebrities in Japan. Some fans speculate that celebrities do that so their managing agencies will be forced to accept their marriages, as some Japanese talent agencies are known to be quite strict on idols’ personal relationships. However, these are just speculations and the managing agencies may not be too strict on celebrities who are non-idols. Regardless, we wish Ami Suzuki a happy life ahead with her new family!