Waterside Tranquility: Take a Break and Relax at Nagasaki Seaside Park

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  • When you’re on holiday, do you ever feel like you’ve overdone it a bit? Perhaps you’ve tried to squeeze a five-day itinerary into a long weekend, visited three major museums in one day, and laden yourself down with souvenir shopping. If you’ve pushed yourself to the limit on your trip to Nagasaki and want to take a break without feeling like you’re wasting time, consider stopping off at the Seaside Park for a well-deserved rest in a lovely environment.


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    The Tokiwa Dejima Wharf is a bustling arena of activity – cruise ships, fishing boats, pleasure boats, freight boats, private boats – whatever happens to be docked that day, there are sure to be a lot of watercrafts on display. Located near the Dutch Slope, a visit to the Seaside Park would fit in well after a trip to the famous Glover Garden since the park is only a few minutes away from the bottom of the hill. You could also take a couple of stops on the tram if you’re feeling lazy.


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    Opened in 2003, the park is 6.5 hectares and is split into three parts. The Aqua Garden area has a beautiful banyan tree next to the Kazemachi bridge, with stone benches provided for you to sit in the cool shade of the tree and watch the cruise liners drift into the port. The Aqua Theatre is the name given to the stream which runs through the Aqua Garden. In the Land Plaza area, you are invited to walk barefoot on the cobbled Vitro Road and feel the massaging effects of the stones as you step on them. In the third section, the Canal Promenade, you can wander through the tree-lined Corridor of Memories, enjoy the sprinkling sounds at the Springwater Cascades, and take a load off in the Forest Theatre.


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    Dog-walkers, skateboarders, football players, cyclists – all find their place on the grass and pathways, and on a sunny day, the park will be buzzing with activity – still there is sure to be a quiet spot if you want to curl up somewhere with a good book. The park is right next to the Nagasaki Prefectural Art Museum, so if you want to escape from the sun and find a bit of shade, there is always that as a possible attraction.


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    The setting is beautiful – blue skies meet clear blue waters with mountains beyond and the bustling city behind you. It’s a wonderful place to relax on a nice day and a great place for a walk (or a run, if you’re so inclined) in any sort of weather. Events such as small concerts take place in the park throughout the year, in which case, peace and quiet are by no means guaranteed!


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    When you’re on holiday and visiting a new place, you want to make the most of it and see as much as you can, but of course, there is a limit. Even on holiday, it’s important to take a break once in a while and just relax. And of course, when you’re visiting somewhere new, even sitting in a park or going for a seaside stroll is a brand new adventure. Tourist attractions don’t need to be all bright lights and expensive entry tickets. On your next vacation, try doing something mundane in a brand new setting and you’ll see what I mean!

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