Try 129 Kinds of Sake in One Go at This Museum in Niigata, Japan

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  • The Ponshukan Sake and Rice Museum, in the area of Echigo-Yuzawa Station in Niigata, is famous for a few things – mainly for its sake, sake bath, and “bakudan onigiri.” Continue reading to find out more about them!



    One of the best things in Ponshukan is its huge variety of sake that you can try at the Sake-tasting Corner. Visitors would just need to insert tokens that cost 100 yen each to dispense the sake of their choice into a small sake cup. Because of this, Ponshukan had been called another name, that is Sake Arcade. Aside from tasting the various types of sake available which are mainly produced by sake breweries in Niigata, you can also sample the various food and condiments that would go well with the sake. One trip may not be enough to try all the sake available, but if you are really into trying everything, you can do so for up to 129 kinds of sake.

    Sake Bath

    Another attraction at Ponshukan is the Sake Bath. As there is no restriction to the age of visitors who can bathe in the sake bath, even children are allowed to enter the bath. Whether you are pleased or displeased with this information, you must exercise caution and be responsible if you are bringing young ones into the sake bath. The temperature of the sake bath is 41 degrees Celsius and it slightly contains alkaline. Taking a sake bath must be really relaxing after a long day!

    Bakudan Onigiri

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    Besides sake, there are various foods you can try in Ponshukan. One of the famous ones is the “bakudan onigiri” which means bomb rice ball. The reason it is named as such is due to its large size which is much bigger than the regular onigiri. It is said to resemble cannonballs which were used in metal cannons in the past. Its shape is round and it is covered with seaweed on the outside. A restaurant in Ponshukan which is popular for bakudan onigiri is Yukinto. Just one bakudan onigiri is enough to make you feel full! Therefore, you may want to share it with a friend.

    Ponshukan may not be well known among foreign tourists. Hence, it can be said to be a hidden gem! So go and visit Ponshukan to try all the things recommended above. You surely will not be disappointed!

    Ponshukan Sake and Rice Museum Information

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