3 Last-Minute Souvenirs to Pick Up at Osaka Station Before Heading Home

  • If you’ve spent most of your time traveling around the beautiful city of Osaka but forgot to buy souvenirs before you go on your way home, then this article might help you. Unique souvenirs can be found around the large station complex that comprises Osaka and Umeda Stations. It is one of the busiest areas which offers a great shopping experience, entertainment, department stores and a lot more. Here are three premium souvenirs you should buy if you find yourself in the area!

    Kaki no Tane

    Kaki no tane is a common Japanese snack which is an ideal souvenir for pretty much everyone. It is a combination of peanuts and senbei (Japanese rice cracker) which comes in different flavors. They are often paired with beer, making it a popular hangout food for coworkers or friends. If you want high-quality kaki no tane you can check out Kakitane’s Kitchen, which sells a lot of flavor variations with genuine taste. It is located on the Hanshin Umeda Department Store Basement Food Floor, and is open daily from 10:00 to 20:00. It is only closed during the department store’s holidays. These Osakan sweets are so cute and colorful that you can even take them home as gifts!

    Pablo (Cheesecake and Tarts)

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    . お土産に大好評✈️ PABLO人気の焼き菓子【パブロダックワ―ズ‐シナモンアップル味】のご紹介♫ . 国産大麦と米粉を使用し、表面はサクッと、中はふんわりとした食感に焼き上げました😋✨ ほんのり香るシナモンと甘酸っぱい角切りりんご、風味豊かなチーズクリームをサンドしたダックワーズです✨ PABLOの人気チーズタルト「シナップル」をイメージした、関西お土産の売り場限定商品です🍎 . 【取扱店舗】 ギフトキヨスク新大阪 Sweets PATIO . 《関西国際空港》 【国内線エリア】 ・KABプラザ店 ・アプローズ2階店 ・アプローズ3階店 ・アプローズエアロプラザ店 ・アプローズ第2ターミナルビル店 . 《伊丹空港》 ・関西旅日記店 . 《高速道路》 ・宝塚北サービスエリア ・西宮名塩サービスエリア下り線 ・吹田サービスエリア上り線 ・香芝サービスエリア下り . 《お土産屋》 ・いちびり庵 本店 ・いちびり庵 道頓堀店 ・いちびり庵 なんば店 ・よしもとおみやげもん横丁 なんばグランド花月店 ・ココモよってぇ屋 新世界店 ・ショップルナ . . #PABLO #PABLOmini #パブロ #パブロミニ #チーズタルト専門店 #スイーツ好きな人と繋がりたい #スイーツ #スイーツ部 #大阪スイーツ #カフェ #アップルパイ #大阪グルメ #関西グルメ #グルメ好きな人と繋がりたい #3時のおやつ #お菓子部 #別腹 #タルト #チーズ好き #甘党 #プチ贅沢 #ダックワーズ #アップルシナモン #手土産 #関西限定

    焼きたてチーズタルト専門店PABLO パブロさん(@pablo_cheese_tart)がシェアした投稿 –

    Pablo is a popular store in Japan which specializes in cheesecakes and cheese tarts. It was named after great Spanish artist Pablo Picasso, and has been operating in the country for such a long time that it has even expanded abroad. Some say it is the best cheesecake in the world owing to the flexibility in treating the cakes as they can become gooey or firm.

    Cheesecakes and tarts in Pablo come in different varieties in order to suit the different tastes of customers. These goodies are so smoothly textured with an appetizing look that make them an ideal souvenir to take home. You can locate one of Pablo’s bakeries at the JR Osaka Station Midosuji south exit which is a perfect spot for you to grab something before you head home. This souvenir will be great for every person who loves tasty, cheesy desserts.

    Glico Baton D’Or

    In French, Baton D’Or means ‘golden stick’. This is a sophisticated Glico pastry which lives up to its name with its slender and curvy figure. It looks golden due to the amount of butter used when making this. It was first sold in Japan in 2013, and has since been spiced up with new flavors such as chocolate coating.

    They come in so many existing flavors such as strawberry, coffee, green tea, milk, and cinnamon complemented by butter sugar, maple sugar, cinnamon sugar, green tea sugar, strawberry sugar, etc. Some say this is the luxurious version of Pocky, a popular Japanese snack food by Ezaki Glico, because of the expensive ingredients used.

    This is a limited item as only two shops are selling this in Osaka. On most days, they are sold out before 2pm. So, if you have the luxury of time to stand in line while waiting for the next train, you may get the opportunity to buy some. However, sometimes it takes longer than an hour so you have to be patient. Click here for directions.

    So if you find yourself in Osaka Station, take the chance to get your hands on these premium goods!

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