Tempura Lover? Taste the Finest Tempura at These 3 Places in Tokyo

  • Tempura has long been involved in food talks across Japan. Its popularity even led to the opening of several tempura shops within the country and abroad. It has been developed over many centuries that you can actually find them immediately among several types of restaurants. But of course, the best way to savor the taste of this dish is to go to restaurants that serve them as a specialty. Here are three places in Japan where you can try the finest tempura.

    1. Kaneko-Hannosuke

    Kaneko-Hannosuke has various locations across the country with its main branch in Nihonbashi, Tokyo. It is a reasonably priced tempura shop which popularizes tempura in varying frying techniques from abroad. The shop is known for their Edomae sauce (a secret sauce) for its rice bowl dishes which include tempuras on it. Other than that, they also have branches that serve tempura-meshi wherein diners can enjoy freshly fried tempuras with rice on the counter. A set of this cost less than 1,000 yen and comes with Japanese pickles and miso soup.

    Kaneko-Hannosuke’s Website
    Access (There are many branches, but we will introduce one of them here.)

    2. Tenmo

    Tenmo is a classic shop in Nihonbashi, Tokyo serving Edomae tempura for over 130 years. It was founded by Mosaburo Okuda in 1885 and has since been using the sesame oil frying style up to the present day. It is said that the founder started selling tempura at sidewalk stalls but later on opened up his own restaurant. Dishes here are quite nostalgic of the old Edo era as they try to preserve the same ingredients and techniques that were used over the years. It is a highly popular place in Japan which requires an advance reservation before dining in.

    Tenmo’s Website

    3. Tensuke

    Another specialty tempura spot in the country is Tensuke which is located in Koenji, Tokyo. It serves tempura made by chefs possessing unique skills in frying performance. It is famous for its soft boiled egg tempura which is very creamy, delicious, and irresistible. However, it is known for having a long queue which would approximately take you an hour or longer since the place only offers a few seats. If you get the chance to be seated in the front row, you’ll be able to see the chef preparing the meal right in front of you. It is quite an amazing experience as you also get to taste the outstanding flavor of the unique dish!

    Tensuke’s Website

    For an out-of-this-world experience of an extraordinarily fine tempura, go right ahead to these places as they won’t let you down. Prices are reasonable and meals are surely enjoyable.

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