Ceramic festival of Tajimi, Gifu

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    Gifu prefecture and especially Tajimi is famous for its ceramics. This place is known to be producing around half the amount of ceramic wares and tiles of entire Japan. There are a lot of large and small scale ceramic producers around this area. Every year, during the second weekend days of April, there is a ceramic festival conducted in this area. It is a festival associated with Spring for the Tajimi city. And there are thousands of visitors rushing over the place to own there new ceramic items. Along with kitchen wares, there are also decorative items like sculptures, flower pots, etc. Tajimi is known to be the hometown of the Mino pottery, which is the famous ceramic ware items chosen by tea masters for their preparations from the ancient periods.

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    Eventhough there are various varieties of ceramic items here, this place is famous for it’s Oribe and Shino style ceramics. It is interesting to know more about the different types of ceramics.

    1. Oribe

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    Greenish coloration is the peculiarity of these kind of items. It is named after some warrior named Furuta Oribe who lived in Mino region of Momoyama period. There are different varieties even among these oribe collection.
    -E-oribe : Have patterns done with iron underglaze.
    -Kuro-oribe : It is having a dark green glazing.
    -Ao-oribe : These items have a light green glazing.
    -Aka-oribe : Along with it’s basic green coloration, there will be patterns with different color glazings.

    2. Shino

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    Pure white glazing is the peculiarity of these group of items. Paintings are done on the pure white surface of these wares or other colors may be used to decorate the wares.


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    They are characterized by their earthen color. Also an yellowish coloration, sometimes with a light green tint is also the peculiarity of this item.

    4. Setoguro

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    It is having a blackish colour.


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    For those who love ceramic items, this festival is really a golden chance to collect the favourite ones at a low cost. Along with plates, bowls, dishes, glasses, cups,antique items, modern kitchen wares etc. There are even more interesting items like small and big flower vases, sculptures, Japanese traditional teapots and cups, sculptures of Japanese symbolisms like owl, frog, cat etc., animals, birds and many other interesting ceramic items.

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    There are more than 50 manufacturers all around this area who have their stalls lined over the Oribe street of Honmachi. Not only these ceramic stalls, but also there are programs conducted by different groups and school students to entertain the visitors. Small stores with Takoyaki, Karage, and other edible items, those stalls for children to make their small shopping on toys and streets are also there. These to days are really providing a real festive mood for the Tajimi city in the Spring season along with the Sakura and other colourful flowers.