Utada Hikaru’s Comeback Album to Be Finally Launched in September 2016!

  • After 8 years of not coming out with a full-length album, the news is that Utada Hikaru (宇多田 ヒカル) will be releasing her new album this September 2016! Utada Hikaru’s absence in the music industry definitely made her fans miss her, so the news of the upcoming album is music to the ears of her supporters! The album would be Utada Hikaru’s 6th full-length Japanese album.

    In 2008, Utada released her HEART STATION album, and after that, she decided to take a break which explained her long hiatus. During that period, she also got married and gave birth to a baby boy. Previously, it was rumored that Utada Hikaru will be releasing her new album in the spring of 2016. The rumor was proven false, and now Utada Hikaru recently made the announcement of the album’s release date on her official website, which is 28th of September, 2016.

    In April 2016, Utada Hikaru released 2 songs which are “Hanataba wo Kimi ni” for the NHK drama series entitled Toto Nee-Chan, and “Manatsu no Tooriame” for the news program called NEWS ZERO. The songs have boosted the views for the drama and the news program. Besides that, both of the songs also managed to top the music chart!

    Hanataba wo Kimi ni has a light, refreshing tune accompanied with sad lyrics. The music video involves paper cutout by Keiko Tsuji. On the other hand, Manatsu no Tooriame is a more poignant song and its music video features various scenes such as kids playing and fireworks. In both music videos, Utada Hikaru did not make an appearance so the songstress has been pretty low-key about her comeback to the music industry. The aforementioned 2 songs will be included on the new album, along with “Sakura Nagashi” which is a digital single released in 2012 for the Evangelion anime, Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo.

    The album will be named “Fantôme” and it will cost 3,000 yen. The mere fact that the album will be released next month is enough to please and excite many fans!

    Utada Hikaru’s Official Website

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